Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wild Bunch Match Guns

Thought you guys might want to take a look at two of the guns I plan to shoot in the first SASS Wild Bunch match next month down at Founders Ranch in New Mexico.

The rifle is a Legacy Arms Puma in .44 Magnum/.44 Special...I love the little Legacy '92 clones, and this one shoots sweet. I had it overhauled by my pal Steve Young at Steve's Gunz, who does a superb job on the Italian rifles. One thing he did with this rifle was his new stainless steel finish, which makes the bright, shiny stainless look more like an old gun. I love it! I'm goign to get him to do the same finish on my main SASS gun, a Rossi '92 clone in .357 that used to be imported by Navy Arms.

The pistola is my father's 1911A1 Remington Rand that he carried in WW2; I found a set of year-correct 1911A1 plastic grip panels on the Internet to replace the rubber grips the gun had worn since the late 1960s. The holster is a custom piece made for me by Ted Blocker Holsters based on their classic Wild Bunch holster. I asked for a straight drop vertical belt holster rather than the more typical canted holster because that's what I'm used to in competition holsters. Blocker included a matching 2-magazine belt pouch; I ordered 4 replica WW1 1911 magazines from International Military Antiques, where I got the grip panels, so I can stay frosty in period.


Aaron Geisler said...

Hi Michael,

The Pumas are made in Brazil. Good luck with the Wild Bunch match.

Michael Bane said...


Momentary brain fade!

Comes from hanging around with Ron Norton from Chiappa...


Anonymous said...

And a curved back-strap to boot, on your Dad's gun! Yes!
Life Member

Anonymous said...

Sweet gear. I want me a .44 Puma '92 levergun like that.

Bet the match is a hoot.

Anonymous said...


catfish said...

Now how cool is that shooting your Dad's gun. Pretty nice.

Be sure you don't pinch the sheee-it out of the palm of your hand trying to reload that puppy without a mag well.

I know at your age, that could really leave a serious mark.


Anonymous said...

It's too bad it's just a side match, if they made a whole different category for Wild Bunch class, I'd probably renew my SASS membership.

super said...

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