Monday, May 05, 2008

Fun With b-HO!


Anonymous said...

I really don't understand how this fool is able to stand up on stage and be considered a serious candidate for the Presidency. I think it is sad and it speaks volumes about where we are as a nation.

"A person is smart, but PEOPLE are dumb."


Anonymous said...

I personally believe McCain will be defeated by this numbskull and we will have to live with the aftermath for a generation or two. Makes me want to puke. The idea that Hilary Clinton actually looks good compared to him is just freaking amazing.

As a white man I would have been so proud to have Colin Powell in the office. Even though he is a centerist (which I could have lived with) he has honor and decency. That would have been a true landmark event to benefit America. What a shame that the first black man to run and most likely be elected President, will be a disreputable Marxist.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Tom Hanks in support for Barack Obama for our future President of America!

I appreciate Barack's application of successful defense strategies such as using "Intuition" and "Awareness" in "The Real World",

(Can you tell I'm reading Michael Bane's book "Trail Safe"?)

I am very grateful for this book. "Trail Safe" is answering questions and providing methods for me to feel safe in everyday life situations.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for being a strong, sensible teacher, Mr. Bane.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike;
This isn't probably the best place to post this, but you need to work with DirecTV on your audio levels. On Wednesday nights, the audio level of your program is at least 10db lower than the commercials. Just thought I'd let you know.