Thursday, May 08, 2008


My thumb is sore.

Two boxes of 12 gauge AA Target loads and a box of Remington law enforcement slugs through the Super Shorty today. I'll bet you thought I was going to tell you it didn't recoil as much as I expected...HA!

Kicks just like you'd a mule on crank.

But hey, you actually get used to it, and the thing's a riot to shoot. My pal Alan Samuel and I kept blasting with his and my Shortys until we ran out of shotgun shells. He cheats...his has a front sight! What is this "aiming" thing, anyway?

We also ran some rounds though the new Tactical Solutions .22 LR 1911 conversion unit (mounted on one of my old Kimbers). Not surprisingly, it shot like a house afire with CCI Mini Mags, but didn't like the light-loaded Federal Gold Match at all. Am looking forward to a lot more rounds though it...and I can't wait to get the suppressor!

Alan also brought out an H-K G36C, a 5.56 machinegun I haven't shot before. Liked it...much more than the MP7. As easy to run as an MP5 9mm. Too bad I can't have one...

Videos coming up on the Serbu and the Tac-Sol!


Anonymous said...

Told you so. which thumb? Strong hand or weak hand? Fore grip or rear grip, bet it's the rear. Hand howitzers are cool but at a price! Have fun my man.

GeorgeH said...

I'm seriously considering making a run at my Sheriff about signing a Form 4 for one of those. I'm wondering about the Aguila short 1.5" shells. The mag should hold 4 of those, with a full power round in the chamber. 5 rounds and more control.

Anonymous said...

And why were you shooting AA's? Should have been shooting 00. Leave the sissy loads for the clay target guns.

Jerry The Geek said...

"But hey, you actually get used to it, and the thing's a riot to shoot."

It's Pun Hell for you.

Anonymous said...

Hey MB, try the Breachers grip from Knoxx.