Sunday, May 04, 2008

Denver Post Concealed Carry Story...

...this AM. It's actually pretty good, although there are always a couple of points to quibble with. For instance, the story sites numerous surveys that state Americans want more gun control...which surveys? Were they funded by the antigun people? Where they good surveys or bad surveys? I always hate it when the antis get the last word, as if they hold the high moral ground, when in fact they are the opposite. Anyway, read the whole thing here:
Shooting expert Doug Hamilton's pupils at Cherry Creek's Family Shooting Center cut a wide demographic swath, but all were eager, attentive and sincerely awed by the power and responsibility a concealed-carry permit confers on the gun owner.

"If you use deadly force for you or your family, right or wrong, your life will be forever changed," Hamilton warned them.

In fact, permit seekers spend much of their mandatory class time learning how to avoid actually using a gun — a paradox that mirrors the contradictions and illusions dominating modern gun regulation in Colorado and across the nation.

As the state legislature dances around the issue, concealed-carry permits multiply and the U.S. Supreme Court deliberates a pivotal Second Amendment case about whether handguns can be banned, both sides are stuck in rhetorical and statistical traps. Misperceptions about gun ownership, exposure to violence and the everyday use of firearms are so deep-seated that they often persist, despite evidence to the contrary.


iainmcphersn said...

If you are in a situation where you would need to use deadly force but are unable to, your life will be changed as well. Ask Suzanna Hupp...

Anonymous said...

"Figure don't lie, but liars figure." As a trained researcher and survey designer, I can tell you that an unscrupulous surveyor can get whatever data they want, simply by manipulating how the questions are asked. Further, by pre-selecting the responding population, you can further ensure that the data reflect what YOU want it to. It's kind of like an unscrupulaous attorney stacking a jury. There are many other techiniques that are used, to affect the outcome, in advance. The respondents are often very compliant and cooperative and they play into the surveyors hands.
Before you accept any data, ask to see the questions and the demographics of the responding population. After all, a political survey that is administered down at the DNC, will not give data that reflects the total US voting population.
I believe that our founding fathers all agreed that the government of the United States, as it was originally formed, was for an "informed people"!
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