Sunday, May 04, 2008

Dense Piece on Global Warming...or the Lack of...

Here's a fascinating piece on the planet's climate and what's really in control of the thermostat...and it ain't CO2. It's an interview with Dr. Don J. Easterbrook, Professor Emeritus Geology, Western Washington University, author of 8 books, 150 journal publications with focus on geomorphology; glacial geology; Pleistocene geochronology; environmental and engineering geology. Of course, he didn't win a Nobel Prize, or even an Oscar, so you might take his thinking with a grain of salt:
If I were hard-pressed to give my overall assessment of the whole Gore-
phenomenon, I would say two things, A, that it’s an out-and-out hoax, and B, it is
probably the biggest scientific boondoggle since the days of Galileo. There is so much
dogma and pressure put on scientists. Gore has so little proof, it’s disgraceful to the
scientific world.

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