Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Delayed Podcast! SORRY!

All day filming Monday...tied up in meetings all day Tuesday...pocast delayed slightly until tomorrow AM...SORRY!!!

Also visit new TBD BLOG...From yesterday's shoot...

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Anonymous said...

Dear Michael,

I am writing a book about the late country superstar Dottie West. I believe you interviwed Dottie a few times and did the famous "Qui" magazine interview. I was wondering if it's posisble to interview you for my book and if you have the interview transcripts you conducted? I would apprecaite any help and a quick response as I am on a tight deadline. I could find no way of contacting you only though leaving a comment. So if you could delete this comment after reading it and please reply to my email at: dwestbook@googlemail.com I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Paul