Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oh Joy! "Objectivity" At Last!

So Jake Tapper is going to be ABC's White House correspondent. Glenn Reynolds at InstaPundit thinks it's a good thing, since Tapper was harder than most on Obama during the campaign.

I think Tapper was a lobbyist for Handgun Control Inc. When I braced him on the issue of journalistc ethics a few year back
- he was writing "objective" articles on firearms issues - he told me it wasn't important for people to know he was a paid shill for the antigun lobby.

As Ben Bradlee of the Wash Post once noted that he didn't care if his reporters had sex with elephants as long as they didn't cover the circus.

I leave it to you to decide on Mr. Tapper...

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Anonymous said...

And perhaps you should have a disclaimer on DRTV and your TV shows stating:

"I am a shill, paid to promote and say nice things about the products of the following companies...."

Michael Bane said...

You should watch my programming!
I actually DO disclose my relationships and have for years.

My products run on advertising, as do most publications. The great thing about advertising is that it's very public.

I occasionally DO shill products, but it's for companies who can't afford television or even Internet advertising...and I do that for free. Ask around, it's not a secret.

In everything I write for the MSM, in every appearance, I make it a point to state that I am an ADVOCATE, because that's the ethical thing to do.

Also, I sign my name to everything I do, so you know who I am and where I'm coming from!

You might consider trying it yourself!!!



NotClauswitz said...

Good to know that about Mr. Tapper, if he was a "real" Journalistic whore, like a good member of the CA Legislature he'd take their money without havinging to necessarily align his position to theirs and shill for them...