Friday, November 14, 2008

The Long Run... over. We wrapped principal filming on THE BEST DEFENSE last night; SHOOTING GALLERY last week. Still a huge amount of work to be done, but all the basics are now in place.

TBD looks amazing. The Winnercomm team of producer/director Tim Cremins and director of photography Brandon Green have done a superb job under staggering time pressure. The show is going to be everything I hoped.

BTW, planning under way for series 4, a show I guarantee you'll all love. Did I mention 5???

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Anonymous said...

MB, are you saying you have additional shows in the works (code name Series 4 and Series 5) or is this additional seasons of SG and TBD?

Anonymous said...

SO I take it either the cloning procedure was a success or someone else will be hosting shows 4 & 5. Will stand by for details.