Sunday, November 02, 2008

Worsham is Right... per his comment on my last post...I'm not keeping his mind off the election...hell, I'm not even keeping my mind off the election! So I'll keep feeding the ole election jones with this superb piece from Thomas Sowell:
After the big gamble on subprime mortgages that led to the current financial crisis, is there going to be an even bigger gamble, by putting the fate of a nation in the hands of a man whose only qualifications are ego and mouth?

Barack Obama has the kind of cocksure confidence that can only be achieved by not achieving anything else.

Anyone who has actually had to take responsibility for consequences by running any kind of enterprise-- whether economic or academic, or even just managing a sports team-- is likely at some point to be chastened by either the setbacks brought on by his own mistakes or by seeing his successes followed by negative consequences that he never anticipated.

The kind of self-righteous self-confidence that has become Obama's trademark is usually found in sophomores in Ivy League colleges-- very bright and articulate students, utterly untempered by experience in real world.

The signs of Barack Obama's self-centered immaturity are painfully obvious, though ignored by true believers who have poured their hopes into him, and by the media who just want the symbolism and the ideology that Obama represents.

The triumphal tour of world capitals and photo-op meetings with world leaders by someone who, after all, was still merely a candidate, is just one sign of this self-centered immaturity.

"This is our time!" he proclaimed. And "I will change the world." But ultimately this election is not about him, but about the fate of this nation, at a time of both domestic and international peril, with a major financial crisis still unresolved and a nuclear Iran looming on the horizon.

For someone who has actually accomplished nothing to blithely talk about taking away what has been earned by those who have accomplished something, and give it to whomever he chooses in the name of "spreading the wealth," is the kind of casual arrogance that has led to many economic catastrophes in many countries.

The equally casual ease with which Barack Obama has talked about appointing judges on the basis of their empathies with various segments of the population makes a mockery of the very concept of law.

After this man has wrecked the economy and destroyed constitutional law with his judicial appointments, what can he do for an encore? He can cripple the military and gamble America's future on his ability to sit down with enemy nations and talk them out of causing trouble.


Anonymous said...

I shutter to think of waking up Wednesday morning with President elect Obama.

I have endured many a screwed up President. My memories of Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, oh Lordy Carter, to some extent Reagan, old man Bush, eck Clinton, and Bush the boy. Let's see that makes every single one to hold the office since I started to hold memories.

Some were clueless, some were meglomaniacs like Johnson. But none had the full blown potential to take this country right over the freaking brink. I never had this feeling even during the seasonal city riots of the 1960's. Nor the Viet Nam protests and counter culture times. I do fear that unchecked this young man will prove himself fully willing to change the very character and nature of this country. To put in jeopardy the free world, our allies and Western culture.

I also fear the backlash this might engender. There are a significant number of patriots in this country and elsewhere that just may not allow it. In that case as Joe Biden said, gird your loins. Those who toss around "civil war" may not be far from the truth. But international conflict may also set this world on fire. When Iran does get nukes under Obama (and they will) I can easily read the tea leaves of a nuclear conflict spreading in mere hours with millions dead.

I am going to pull the blanket over my head on Tuesday night, leave a light on in the house, and say my prayers. Maybe I will wake up and find out that all this has been a bad dream. A very bad dream.

Anonymous said...

This will become a "perfect storm" of change. The kind of change that everyone IS NOT ready for, nor thinks that thry're getting. Obama has done little if anything constructive. His alliances and ambitions have been mostly destructive, eg.: Ayers and Annenburg's "radicalization" of students, using ACORN to accomplish HIS dirty-work in capturing votes for himself, spinning falsehoods into "truths", undermining and sabotaging the Second Amendment, etc. The really bad news is that if he's elected and is able to bring about the unspoken change that he really wants (Maxism!), decimating the SCOTUS will only be the tip of the proverbial iceberg. He will also trample both the First AND Second Amendments, probably using the Dem's in the House and Senate to do his bidding, so that he can say, "Hey, I told you "I" wouldn't take your free speech, or guns!" With the Democratically controlled Legislature, that's a guarantee. The ecomony tanking is a gurantee too, as I have written before; the actions will bring the documented historical re-actions. To watch his charisma overtake even some of the most educated people (including fellow hunters and shooters), makes me wonder. If he gets elected, it may just prove to be too interesting to watch though. As the Chinese proverd states: "May you live in interesting times". I give that to the b-HO followers. Meanwhile "Country-Boy will survive!"
Life Member

Anonymous said...

If b-ho wins, it will be time to be a warrior, methinks.

A Christian warrior if that appeals to you, but a warrior nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

PS: Only because there will be no other alternative.

Anonymous said...

There's actually a little bit more to his column:

Senator Obama's running mate, Senator Joe Biden, has for years shown the same easy-way-out mindset. Senator Biden has for decades opposed strengthening our military forces. In 1991, Biden urged relying on sanctions to get Saddam Hussein's troops out of Kuwait, instead of military force, despite the demonstrated futility of sanctions as a means of undoing an invasion.

People who think Governor Sarah Palin didn't handle some "gotcha" questions well in a couple of interviews show no interest in how she compares to the Democrats' Vice Presidential candidate, Senator Biden.

Joe Biden is much more of the kind of politician the mainstream media like. Not only is he a liberal's liberal, he answers questions far more glibly than Governor Palin-- grossly inaccurately in many cases, but glibly.

Moreover, this is a long-standing pattern with Biden. When he was running for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination back in 1987, someone in the audience asked him what law school he attended and how well he did.

Flashing his special phony smile, Biden said, "I think I have a much higher IQ than you do." He added, "I went to law school on a full academic scholarship" and "ended up in the top half" of the class.

But Biden did not have a full academic scholarship. Newsweek reported: "He went on a half scholarship based on need. He didn't finish in the 'top half' of his class. He was 76th out of 85."

Add to Obama and Biden House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and you have all the ingredients for a historic meltdown.