Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Favorite Headline of the far...

Sea Turtle Attacked by Wild Dogs in Virgin Islands Brought to Florida for Treatment

That's from Fox. Well, okay...said headline would be the legal definition of "Slow News Day." I guess our new President-Elect hasn't cured cancer or performed a thousand same-sex marriages this week, although it is only Wednesday. Maybe He can cure the sea turtle, or at least talk the wild dogs into napping with some lamby-pies.

I'm definitely going for an SBR for my election commemorative AR...hopefully with that 7-inch gas piston upper I handled last week. Luckily I had a standing order at Spike's, so I've got three lower receivers — one dedicated pistol lower and two rifle. Have I mentioned how much I liked the Tactical Solutions .22 LR AR upper? I haven't had so much fun in ages....last week we ran through thousands of rounds of .22 ostensibly filming a SG episode on .22s.


Anonymous said...

Instead of buying countless EBR's, magazines and ammo can I suggest the following:

How about sending the NRA $100 bucks? If everyone has hundreds of dollars to spend on the above gear you may not be able to keep it if the collective voice goes silent.

Anonymous said...

One reason I like buying from MidwayUSA is that they suggest when you place the order that you make a contribution. Either your change, or round up to an even $10 or just pick an amount. I've probably given over $100 through their website this year.

Anonymous said...

That's a great idea! You know, if the feds ever really do get around to a roundup of our guns, they'll bring the Humvees and the armored suits if we try to resist. At first, of course, they'll give local law enforcement some nice grants to get the ball rolling.

Public opinion/politics is still our best option. And if it looks like we're losing to much ground on that front, I expect sales of PVC piping to soar. Those federal grants will have to go to buying backhoes.

Anonymous said...

As far as "planting" guns, the now state of the art metal detectors will find them.

How about this; (evil thought follows) the best place to plant is in virgin soil not in already known to be abundant for growth ground.