Monday, November 03, 2008

One Last Summary Article on Obama and Guns...

...from my friend (and NRA President) John Sigler:
The bait-and-switch gimmick of employing rhetorical tricks to hide very real gun control agendas, and to create a fraudulent history to assure that “your gun record does not define your candidacy” are the central lessons offered in a political/propaganda playbook or script proffered by something called the Third Way.

Titled, “Taking back the Second Amendment,” the script is built around a central public opinion finding: “Voters overwhelmingly support the Second Amendment and believe that it confers an individual’s right to own firearms” – a finding confirmed long ago by NRA’s own polling of American public opinion.

The Third Way’s propaganda manual is co-authored by Jim Kessler – who as then-U.S. Rep. Chuck Schumer’s policy director husbanded legislation that became the 1994 Clinton gun ban. This political playbook is a stark study in duplicity and is word-for-word the blueprint for both Barack Obama’s stunningly empty embrace of the Second Amendment, and of the media’s total participation in this intellectually dishonest campaign of deception and obfuscation.

“Don’t let your opponent define you by your record.”

In this case, Barack Obama’s opponent is the National Rifle Association and the millions of individual citizens we represent.

Indeed, we have defined Obama’s record with a gold-standard analysis of his words and deeds. He has earned his “F” rating, just as he’s earned the endorsement of the Brady Campaign (formerly Handgun Control Inc.) which universally supports registration and licensing as precursors for outright gun bans.

Yet Obama makes such statements as, “I take a back seat to no one in support of Second Amendment rights, but I also support… continuing the ban on assault weapons… Our gun rights come with the responsibility to keep them out of the hands of criminals, terrorists and children.”

My mistake - that’s a direct line from Kessler’s script to be memorized by poseur anti-gun candidates.

Here is a real Obama quote from an appearance in South Dakota as reported by the Boston Globe: “As President, I will uphold the constitutional rights of law-abiding gun-owners, hunters, and sportsmen…. We can work together to enact common-sense laws … so that guns do not fall into the hands of terrorists or criminals.”

And here is what appears on Obama’s campaign website:

“Obama and Biden also favor commonsense measures that respect the Second Amendment rights of gun owners, while keeping guns away from children and from criminals…” Even Kessler’s former boss, U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer, is now talking the Third Way talk, while still walking the gun-ban walk. But while Kessler was Policy Director and gun control point-man to the then-New York Congressman, Schumer testified before an April 5, 1995 Judiciary Committee hearing on the meaning of the Second Amendment.

Schumer sputtered: “There is no constitutional question here… If anyone tried to sell the baloney we’ll hear today, they would be arrested for consumer fraud. The NRA’s Second Amendment is an empty cereal box in the marketplace of ideas…”

Further, Schumer said the belief that the Second Amendment was an individual right “is poisoning our political dialogue… The sickening fruit of this poisonous lie are obvious in our society…. Like flat earth fanatics, Second Amendment fanatics just don’t get it… It does not guarantee the mythical individual right to bear arms…”

That extraordinary rant notwithstanding, Schumer said in a May 8, 2002 press release: “The broad principle that there is an individual right to bear arms is shared by many Americans, including myself.”
Please, read the whole thing...then VOTE!


Anonymous said...

Stinkin' vipers! the mushroom

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, too many, even many from among "us", have fallen for the Obama and Biden mis-representation of their objectives. They have also camouflaged their past records, so as to not raise any questions. They have also used the same approach to make the masses believe that the Republicans were responsible for the recent economic meltdown. They dumped their mortgage problem in, so that the public would support them, as they blamed it on "Eight years of failed George Bush policies". They also dumped the problem in so that it's inevitable emergence wouldn't happen right after a potential obama win and make him look bad. In addition to all of the bad things that he'll do to the 1"A" and "2A" if he's elected, when his fatally flawed economic policies fail, he'll blame the prior administration for that, long after any election. Our poorly performing govenor of Michigan is well into her second term and still blaming the wildly popular and effective govenor of three terms, who preceeded her. She just can't accept the FACT that raising business taxes is the reason we were the only state in a recession, long before Barney's Meltdown dragged the rest of the country into one too.
Vote for McCain/Palin and be proud to do it! Please don't waste your vote!
Life Member

Anonymous said...

I'm another Michigan resident that concours with anonymous at 4:21 p.m. I went to a town hall meeting awhile ago to know what the other side was thinking and had to say. There were both local and US congressional canidates. Same Mantra, it is all the former govenor from 5 years ago fault. George Bush's fault. The local old money should not put there money into a $800 million developement project, but should invest that money in the "people". Big business is bad. I also learned that businesses don't mind paying taxes. A canidate actually said that. Tried to get some kind of statement on guns, but the closest I got from the US congressional canidate, a holdover 60's radical from New York by way of Philly, was that his brother still in Philly told him that officials there argued for 8 months if they could limit gun purchases to 1 a month