Sunday, November 02, 2008

Thoughts for Next Week...

...from Jerry Pournelle, who said it far better than I can:
Despair is a sin, and often a mistake. The polls do not record the "refused to respond" which in my judgment is a much larger category than any admit -- it includes me, five times so far this year since I'm home to answer the phone more than many people are -- and I suspect that more McCain people refuse to respond than the trendier Obama enthusiasts.

Few Republicans are enthusiastic. I wish there were a safe recipient for the Turn The Rascals Out! vote. There isn't. Electing a junior senator whose political positions are indistinguishable from McGovern except on the checkoff unionization which even McGovern opposes cannot be a good thing for the future of the nation. If the Democratic candidate were Colin Powell, who has fairly traditional liberal views but is primarily a centrist with some military (including political military, but who has led troops in combat) experience, I'd very likely vote for him on the grounds that he would be a good restraining influence on Rangel, Franks, Dodd, Pelosi, and the weak Reid. Alas, Obama isn't likely to stand up to much of anything; his political experience has been Chicago machine go along to get along.

But the election is not over. There are more decline to answer voters than it takes to change the election.

One vote per precinct in California delivered the nation to Woodrow Wilson.

The way to win elections is to get those who intend to vote for your candidate to go vote. Few readers here are not capable of getting two or three voters to the polls. That's well over a million votes. Think on it.
Jerry Pournelle's classic sci-fi book The Mercenary had a profound effect on my thinking early on, adn for decades I've been awed by his far-ranging intelligence. So do, indeed, think on it...

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Anonymous said...

Wilson is actually a fairly good comparison for Obama: a academic know it all fascist who plans on bringing change to save us, but in the end makes things even worse. Hell Obama's foreign policy plans are an almost exact copy of Wilson's. His government planning and control of the economy are also a perfect copy of Wilson's. Unfortunately I really believe that Obama will emulate the first fascist president the most in his suppression of dissidents that oppose his wonderful plans. Looks like some of us might end up in prison for being traitors that dare to speak our minds. Oh well 3 squares a day, I'll just pretend I am just back in the military again.