Tuesday, February 16, 2010

DRTV's Weekly Video Podcast 021710

This week on the DOWN RANGE Video Blog, Michael sights some genuine UFOs — primers, fresh from the big Russian arms factories! He also looks ahead to 2011, the 100th anniversary of John Browning’s magnificent 1911, discusses what Colt, the godfather of the 1911, might be planning and looks at the upcoming Cylinder & Slide Shop 2011 Commemorative. For those not into semiautos, Bane notes the John Ross/S&W Performance Center .500 Magnum is still available.

Reference links: http://www.downrange.tv/blog/?p=1736


atmiller said...

The intro music was normal volume, but could barely hear Michael talking.

dr.bnewberry said...

Loved the hat! The volume was fine when I watched it.

Eric said...

Audio all on left channel for me.

Obake said...

I have one of the John Ross .500 S&W Performance Center Magnums. It is great fun to shoot. I am looking forward to using it as a trail/Hunting backup gun once I am on the Continental U.S. I might use it as a CCW with .500 specials.
My best friend owns one and found out that for him it conceals well on a belt rig under a jacket with very little patterning.
Better still speed loaders are now available which makes it easier to carry a variety of ammunition to quickly adapt to whatever threat presents itself whether 2 legged, 4 legged or just plain huge and irritated.