Monday, February 15, 2010

Michael's New WB Holster

In the works!

-- Post From The Road


iainmcphersn said...

Looks great! Double loop? Going to go any tooling?

Anonymous said...

How is the retention? Is there any leather between the hammer/safety/sights and your body?

Making holsters is tough! That looks pretty darn good for a novice.

I sure have to say it must be nice to learn from some of the best!

Michael Bane said...

Yep...classic double tooling on this one...I have no borrowing...

Retention seems very good...teh double loop holds the gun far enough from the body that it's no problem.

Not hard to have a good first effort if John Bianchi is guiding your hands!!!


Sadltrmp said...

Michael, Nice job! Are you sure this is your first time??!!
When will you start taking orders?
Dan D

DamDoc said...

This has noting to do with ty he holster (which is beautiful, by the way), but I remeber either here or on the podcast that Michael was talking about the Nevada Senate election, and concern for how those running against Harry Reid would support the 2nd Ammendment.. I was reading about candidate Tarkanian, and was happy to find that he is a supporter.. you can read here..

sorry for breaking the blog track, but thought this was important.. we need to send Harry to retirement!