Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Of Course There's Nothing Wrong With Me!

I just spent a week in Arizona sniffing glue and dead cows...what didja expect?

We're a week off the oral arguments for McDonald V. Chicago in front of the Supremes on the incorporation of the Second Amendment into state law. We'll be cover the oral arguments extensively on DRTV, with commentary from David Hardy of ARMS & THE LAW, Dave Kopel from the Independence Institute and Jim Shepherd of the OUTDOOR WIRE, the same great team we used on Heller.

There's an interesting commentary in this AM's Reason Hit & Run titled Guns — Not Just for the Home Anymore:
Thus, if the right to defend yourself against assault should be honored by the U.S. government, there is little reasonable justification for restricting that right to only the home. And there is no civilized right more basic than self-defense; indeed, to make such defense more efficient and wide-ranging is one of the only legitimate reasons for government at all, thus making localities' attempts to bar its citizens from practicing the right effectively particularly pernicious.
The Firearm Blog notes a test in, of all things, WIRED magazine on body armor. The top-rated IIIA vest after 6 .44 hits was a surprise, the $344 Bulletproof Bodyarmor HQ vest. Something we need to look at for THE BEST DEFENSE.

Veteran competitor Caleb over at GUN NUTS MEDIA profiles the new S&W Pro-Series revolvers:
A complete set of the initial Pro Series revolvers from Smith & Wesson. From left to right: 8 shot 627 Pro w/Miculek grips, 5 shot Model 60 Pro, 6 shot 686SSR Pro. All three guns are chambered for .357 Magnum, although I doubt I’ll ever fire more than a handful of full house magums (unless my boys at Wolf can hook me up with a couple of cases of their .357 Wolf Gold) as the 686 and 627 are game guns and the 60 is a carry gun.

Read the whole thing. I'm still trying to figure out how to approach the major competitions this year. For Bianchi, I suspect it will be Production because I think that's the future of the sports.

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