Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Slow Blogging Alert!

Too much travel and filming, so I'm a little out of touch...I did discover the perfect toy for the budding young zombie hunter — the Dismember Me Plush Zombie! This is the gift that keeps on giving...even better than handcuffs! And while I'm on the subject of zoms, here's a critical new tool in the world battle against the undead, the Zombie Bite Calculator, so you'll know how long you have among the living after a zombie bite. I discovered that I would last 1 hour and 11 minutes after the Big Chomp!

Good news...my IAC Trench Shotgun is coming home from gunsmith "Jim Bowie" at the Cowboys and Indians Store in time for Winter Range, the cowboy nationals. It had developed increasingly crappy ejection, and Jim is a master of torturing '97 clones back into shape. I say, bayonet lugs are goooooood!

I'm also really pleased with my progress on my new book, THE NEW SURVIVAL GUNS: FIREARMS, GEAR AND TRAINING FOR UNCERTAIN TIMES. The title might not be finalized...we're researching copyright issues. But I should have real, honest-to-goodness for-sale copies 1 June, with an advance preview at the OC booth at the NRA Convention in mid-May. I've gone to some pains to keep this book from falling off the edge of the world, BTW, and I think you're going to see some surprises. I've used the podcasts to beta-test some of this material, and I'll be continuing that practice. BTW BTW, tune into the podcast tomorrow AM for the promised tracks from Killdozer!

Gotta go nappy nap...loved the opening 2 hours of LOST: The Final Season, BTW BTW BTW...


Eric Schaffer said...

1 hr 28 minutes

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