Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Video Podcast 020310


Anonymous said...

Great presentation again Michael. I would like to politely disagree with you on the ACR pricing though. Not saying you were incorrect, just that you may not have been keeping up with Magpul and Bushmasters postings over the past several years. For years Magpul and Bushmaster have been pumping up their ACR design and posted regular updates on it's development. Each time touting they were building a state of the art modern lightweight rifle that was going to be affordable posting that the release price was going to be $1200-$1400. That is the reason for the overwhelming negative response to the release of the ACR at twice the price they said they would release it for.

Anonymous said...

The MSRP $2700 "Basic" version of the ACR has a straight stock (with some adjustment options) and a plastic handguard, along with the Magpul MBUS iron sights.

The MSRP $2695 SCAR-L has a folding stock with full adjustment for length, comb, etc. It has a railed handguard, and metal backup iron sights.

To get the equivalent features on the ACR, you'll need to go to the Enhanced model, which has a $3100 or so MSRP.

And they're both stuck with absurd 1/9 twist barrels which lack a chrome lining (but Bushmaster swears their "special coating" is far better), and feature a useless M203 cut which makes it look like they're using surplus 16" M4 barrels from their warehouse.

You're getting far more for your money with the SCAR (and SCARs are beginning to show up for well under MSRP has supply catches up with demand).

The ACR was marketed as a rifle that would have an affordable MSRP, and Magpul spent a massive amount of time marketing the platform before and after the licensing of it to Bushmaster.

Now all that is for naught, and Magpul is staying silent. It's obvious they aren't any more happy about this than Hitler is!

I bear no real ill will towards Magpul, and if the ACR fails and Bushmaster abandons it, hopefully they'll find another partner more in tune with their corporate values than Bushmaster, who will market and sell the MASADA as it was meant to be.

Dave S. said...

Gunsite wins the Ill-Advised Logo Award, Unintentional Evocation of Naziism division. Jeez, have none of them ever seen a documentary on The Hitlery Channel?

As marketing goes, it's not quite as bad as the new prescription drug "Aciphex" (say it out loud), but it's close.

Sadltrmp said...

In regards to Russian ammo which you mentioned. I have two questions:
1. Does anyone else feel kind of unpatriotic buying ammo from Russia? And should we spend the extra to support American manufacturers (I try to always buy American manufactured ammo).
2. Is there a forum somewhere to discuss the pros and cons of the cheaper import ammo? I want to buy American, but my budget only has a fixed ammount of $'s for practice ammo so cheaper ammo means more practice. Currently I choose to practice less and use primarily American made ammo.
Any thoughts on this?

Dave S. said...

"Does anyone else feel kind of unpatriotic buying ammo from Russia?"

Well, since you asked - I don't buy Chicom (almost unavoidable in little stuff, but definitely doable for anything medium-to-high), I don't buy Citgo gas, and I don't buy Russian.

Gasbags who bloviate about how they'd kick our enemies' asses if they ever came over here are bad enough, but when they turn around and give money to these same regimes just to save a few bucks, it's just pathetic.

I also drive the smallest, most fuel-efficient vehicle I can get away with so I don't have to give any more money than necessary to Chavez and the Saudis. So those idiot Hummer drivers can go bleep themselves, too.

I'm a proud gun owner, but the big talk/no action blowhard faction in our community is sadly large.