Saturday, February 27, 2010

Good Match!

Finished up Winter Range today and am extremely please...essentially I shot all 12 stages "clean," that is, no misses, with 11 stages in the mid-30 second range and one stage drifting all the way up to 41 seconds. Probably the best and most consistent cowboy match I've ever shot...I think it was because of Marshal Halloway and SG/COWBOYS Producer John Carter (not to mention my Sweetie) pushing me hard.

Check out the excellent reporting from Paul Erhardt on Winter Range over at DRTV. Here's an action shot of me painting a target:

Look at that wrist work!

I also really like Paul's holsterpalooza...check it out! BTW, the buffalo rig is mine, from Ted Blocker. My match guns (as you know, I think) are .357 Ruger Blackhawks overhauled by Cylinder & Slide; the rifle is an 1873 Cimarron/Winchester clone with work by Long Hunter, Jim Finch; the shotgun is an old Chinese Winchester '97 clone built by Coyote Cap.

Thanks, all!

BTW, interesting article in Business Week on, of all things AR-15s:
Rambo Rifles for Weekend Hunters
The "Modern Sporting Rifle" is a hot seller. Please, just don't call it an assault weapon
For generations, rifle models first used by soldiers have become profitable sellers in the domestic market. The 1903 bolt-action Springfield adopted by the U.S. Army in World War I begat the wooden-stock rifle carried by generations of deer hunters. The higher-capacity Garand issued to troops in World War II also spawned versions used to hunt big game.
The modern sporting rifle, assuming the label sticks, traces its roots to the M-16 that first saw combat in Vietnam. The main difference between the military weapon and its civilian counterpart is that the Pentagon's version has the capacity to fire bursts of bullets with a single pull of the trigger. The cosmetically similar MSR fires only one round with each trigger pull.
Some of the confusion over these rifles stems from the tendency of gun-control advocates to refer to all of them —fully automatic and semiautomatic—as "assault weapons." 
Read the whole thing.


Machiavelli's Window said...

A hardy CONGRATULATIONS! Wolf Bane! WOW... shooting Winter Range clean and in the solid 30's is a real accomplishment. Way to go!
Beating Marshall? Priceless.

George said...

Well Michael, my respect for you has gone up a little. I wondered if you were one of those "Range Divas" that come out and are too good to paste or paint- evidently not! I'm glad to see you didn't use your celebrity status to exempt yourself from the menial and unglamorous tasks of a match....

Good on you, and I am glad you did well!

Charlie Foxtrot said...

359th Overall and Clean and Smooth!

Congratulations, Michael!

Proud, man, Proud!

Ulmus said...

What a howling success there, Wolf Bane! A clean match in the 30's. Amazing!

Plus you paint better than Maaco.

You da man!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a clean match Wolf Bane, not an easy match to shoot clean, only 45 clean shooters out of 643 shooters! Enjoyed our discussion about the recent Steven Hunter episode.

Turquoise Bill
SASS 39118, Regulator Arizona Territorial Rangers

KMitch200 said...

Looked for you Sunday but didn't see ya.
Congrats on the good shooting!,

Some of the confusion over these rifles stems from the tendency of gun-control advocates to refer to all of them —fully automatic and semiautomatic—as "assault weapons."

And that is certainly no accident.
Coupled with the Zumbos of the world saying that they have no place in the hunting community, this "confusion" needs to be addressed at every opportunity.

Cemetery's Gun Blob said...

Congrats on the clean shoot!!

I tried to shoot clean last year, got two misses. Kept my wits about me, and ended up having a blast! Overall, I was very happy with my performance.

I was hoping to go again this year, but due to work, it was a no go.

Was even gonna brew up some special cartridges for the night shoot.