Saturday, March 05, 2011

"Operation Fast And Furious"

"Operation Fast And Furious"...what the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives called their plan to allow a flood of guns into the narco-cesspool of Mexico.

In the wonderful and ultimately heartbreaking movie "The Crow," Brandon Lee as Eric Draven confronts the ruthless gang that killed him and raped and killed his beloved Shelly, gang members with names like Funboy, T-Bird and Skank.

"A whole jolly club," says Eric Draven, "with jolly pirate nicknames!"

And here we are again, the whole jolly club of the BATFE, with their jolly pirate nicknames, with real human beings' blood on their hands. Not the first time they held up their scarlet hands...Ruby Ridge...Waco...but this time the blood is a federal agent, Brian Terry, a man of honor, a man fighting a flawed battle in a hopeless war with insufficient tools because it was his job.

When will Congress step in?

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Gunmart said...

I am very curious to see what politicians are tied to this... Me thinks Hillary and Napolitano have dirty hands

nj_larry said...

ATF Supervisor addressing internal criticism of Fast And Furious..."If you don't think this is fun you're in the wrong line of work..."

These guys play rough. It may not be tomorrow, but somehow, somewhere, they will get even with Agent Dodson the whistle-blower for ruining their fun.

DamDoc said...

ive written my two senators here in maine ( the 2 gals, yeah i know!) twice now. the big story to me are the dots that need to be connected:
1) B Ho and the mex president pointing the finger at US boarder gun shops for selling to cartel gun runners...
2) trying to get multiple semi auto sales reported in border states (how long before that in nationwide?)
3)then come to find out it is the atf encouraging shops to sell to gun runners...

you cant make the excrement up! now good guys die, and now the spin will be our "loose" gun laws...

between this and keeping us from producing our own oil, even the most casual observer can see b ho aint on the side of the united states. we need to redouble our efforts if we want to have a shot at survival.

Anonymous said...

And there hasn't been a word of discussion in any of the newspaper's API regurgitations, or radio, or television media about this, other than the courageous CBS coverage.

Where's Greta and Fox now?

Life Member

Flash Powder Hal said...

When it comes to guns, the normally conservative FOX news is silent. Especially Shepard Smith, whose voice goes up two-octives when he uses the word "GUN!".

Only Judge Neopolaterno (sp?) stands up for gun carry rights.

Anonymous said...

DamDoc - I know how you feel about our two rino's and for the most part you are correct but I do know for fact they do get our messages.
Flash Powder Hal and Anonymous - This was on not only Fox ,it was also on one of the morning shows on broadcast tv ,thanks to Senator Grasley and those two networks.
The unfortunate thing is ,is that Senator Grasley really can't do anything about this on his own.Only Congress can launch an investigation and bring any punishment or shut down the BATFE.From what I am told Congress is mumbling about this and even some democrats are angry with the BATFE over this but as usual Congress needs a fire lit under their butt and we ( supporters of the second amendment ) can strike the match needed to get the fire going in Congress by emailing and signing those petitions we get in our email to our Congress people .

Anonymous said...

Mexico is on its way to becoming a failed state. Resources would be better used making our southern border more secure. BTW I live in Az.

The real problem is US drug prohibition. Many of our folks want drugs, can't buy them legally, so they wind up supporting criminal gangs.

nj_larry said...

The think tank Stratfor did a great analysis of the whole Mexico gun thing last month. Check out their report:

The Freeholder said...

"When will Congress step in?"

My guess is that they won't. Both sides know that ATF is very close to out of control. Both sides are at fault (in different ways) for allowing this situation to develop over the years.

Neither sides wants to be seen of as "at fault", and neither side is willing to pay the price that taking on the AFT and its friends will cost.

I'm guessing that we will get some sort of window-dressing reforms at best. Some people will change seats, maybe 1 or 2 will be "retired" (to come back later as highly paid expert consultants).

I hope I'm wrong, but I honestly don't believe so.

Chad said...

I just contacted my senators and congressman here in Mississippi, demanding an investigation! This is an outrage!

Chad said...

Mr. Bane: Just wanted to tell you I really enjoy your podcast and Blog. I don't get outdoor channel so I can't watch the shows, but I am going to purchase the Best Defense season 1 on DVD.

I have been a CCW holder for several years. I always learn something from the Podcasts and really enjoy it.

I downloaded them on I-Tunes and am listening to them in Reverse! LOL. Most recent and going backward, but just wanted to, Thank you for all your doing!


Chad Hendrix
Horn Lake, MS

PS: Only 20 min from Memphis and although I love Memphis, I am glad to be armed! LOL.

Been here 9 years, via Ann Arbor, Michigan which is my hometown!


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