Wednesday, March 09, 2011

New NASA Mission

I have to admit that the last landing of the shuttle Discovery was a sad moment for me, an exclamation point on America's -- or at least American government's -- retreat from greatness. As a child of the 1950s, one of the many kids who grew up on science fiction, the space program was dear to me and my friends. But I guess outreach to the Islamic nations is an important mission, especially if you have the IQ of a land slug.

I propose a new mission for NASA, one ideally suited to our reduced stature in the world...I say let NASA field a mission to the Mexican trucking industry,, helping them in their mission to destroy yet another American industry and make the roads even more terrifying than they already are. That way, NASA can hang on to more of their heritage, and once again we can hear those stirring words, "Houston, we have a problem..."

I note that the Jolly Pirates Club of the BATFE can no longer keep a lid on the "gunwalker" scandal. I have to admit that I was WAS an "Iron River" flowing south into Mexico since 2008...I just didn't realize it was being controlled from the Jolly Pirates Club offices in Phoenix.


Pete said...

I forget who said it:

"Most agencies have a public affairs office. NASA is a public affairs office with an agency."

DamDoc said...

I remember feigning sickness to stay home from school to watch the Mercury Launches, back in the day when Walter C was a patriot rather than a pinhead... I notice the Senate Judiciary republicans sent a letter to Mr Holder on Project gunrunner for him to do some 'splainin... Where are the democrat members??? you folks in blue states should start sending letters to your senators and keep the pressure up!!! They need to know the folks are watching... and there is an election coming

Unknown said...

I agree, it unfortunately seems like another part of our country's downward trend. As a 20+ year Kennedy Space Center employee I sure hated to see this day come!

TBD shows have been really good this season- keep up the great work!

Don said...

Don't worry about it. Private industry is picking up the slack rapidly.

Anonymous said...

The space program has represented to me the arrogance of government. Of course, NASA may be be diminished, but the arrogance continues.