Friday, March 18, 2011

A Speck of Paranoia

I'm interested and a little nervous about the current half-assed antigun initiative from Washington. With Greasy Joe Biden's office involved, the whole initiative, whatever that initiative turns out to be, has a little more juice. As you know, Greasy Joe's most prized legislative "accomplishment" was the Clinton AWB, which he claims much credit for.

Again, I don't think much of anything can get through the Republican House, but I worry that the Republicans might give a little ground to appear more tractable on other issues.

I think Wayne LaPierre and the NRA was 100% right to spurn BHo's ridiculous invitation to the "stakeholders' meeting" to decide how much of our rights we're willing to give up (how about, ummmmmmm, none?). But we need to pay careful attention to what these clowns are doing. I think the only thing at risk at this point are private sales, which might get tossed onto the bonfire at the last minute.

In other news, take a moment to read my friend Derek McDonald's (VP/Marketing, SureFire) response to the Force Science Institute's assertion that grip-activated lights are inherently dangerous. You can read it on DRTV here:

When I read the Force Science report, I too wondered whether hardware might be being blamed for a training issue. That happens a lot...not the least of which when you read in the MSM that, "the gun just went off." Yeah, right. Unfortunately, the Force Science report isn't up on their website yet.

I would also like to put in a plug for the class we're filming for TBD/Survival, Medical Corps Combat/Field Medicine Class ( Head guy Chuck Fenwick, former Navy medical corps with Marine 1st Recon in Vietnam, is an amazing and entertaining presenter, and I have learned a huge amount in a very short span of time...not to mention suturing my chicken. She's in recovery, as we speak. Tomorrow we do bandaging and setting fractures.

It's the kind of course I wish everyone could take (which is, duh, why we're featuring it on TBD/S)...sort of beyond first aid. And it very much has an empowering aspect – "Hey, I can do that!" – without treading on physicians' toes. Plus, I think more knowledge is always a good, good thing.

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Unknown said...

It's not paronia when they're really out to get you.
Plan to take a field medicine course also. One skill I consider very important is iv fluids.

Steve in WI said...

New York Times article on Purse Pistols.

Nice. I like the Hello Kitty Sig 226

eeyore said...

I know it's just another of this week's Newspeak terms, but I cringe, and my BS detector pins when I hear the term "stakeholder."

Dave S. said...

What is the purpose of a light mounted on a weapon?

Anonymous said...

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