Friday, March 25, 2011

Win Michael's Chopper!

Sadly, it's not a Harley, but it does come stained with zombie blood!

It's from ZOMBIE TOOLS, makers of fine zombie fighting implements for the New World Order!

Wanna win it? Go to DRTV and sign up for the Forums! If you're already a Forum member, you're already entered.

And be quick like those 28 Days Later zoms because we're giving the chopper away MONDAY!


FightinBluHen51 said...

Get to Z choppa!

Now, seriously, you guys need full episodes on DRTV! I missed the Zomb episode because of an overfull DVR and doing my taxes...

(pathetic I know).

Jason said...

Zombie Tools needs to work on two things:

1. Don't let the handles have more sharp edges than the blade.

2. Ditch the eighties-inspired paint splatter finish. I had a BMX bike with that same paint job in 1986.


You need to work on two things too:

1. Ditch any trace of Adobe Flash from the DRTV website. Have you been there on your iPad yet?

2. Make your individual episodes available for purchase on iTunes.

Michael Bane said...

We are moving away from Flash, but it's a little like a long-term addiction...darned hard to quit cold turkey. Not up to me on the individual episode sales — that's the Realm of the Bosses. If it was up to me we'd have been doing that since the beginning...


Unknown said...


I'll bet you could sell the heck out of a say...90 min how to zombie fighting video.

Anonymous said...

@Jason Smith:
On point #1: all blades have a priority for ergonomic grips, but ZT has to balance that against the specific needs of a post Z-day world. A normal sword has a detachable multi-part grip, usually made from materials like cloth and wood that absorb liquid. Anything that gets soaked in zombie blood and can't be easily cleaned has to be discarded, and that basically just leaves metal as a viable hilt material; sadly, metal simply doesn't feel as good as, say, leather in the hand. That may suck, but everything ZT does is oriented towards the zombie apoc. They generally have a reason for their actions.
As to point #2, the coolness factor is purely a matter of personal preference. Your mileage may vary. And it's not paint, it's acid stain.

Charlie Foxtrot said...

Nobody's going to mention that zombiefied Fez thing he's got screwed onto his head?

Man, we've gone soft. Next it'll be rainbow farting unicorns on our Hello Kitty Pink stocks. ;^)'

And Michael, please hurry your bossi along with episode sales on iTunes! I won't pay danegeld to the flesh-eating Zombs at Time-Warner.

Discworld717 said...


I recently lost the lotto. The only thing that can salve my heart is that big honking knife. Please pull what strings you can.

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