Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On to Chicken Suturing!

After some excellent time with Larry Potterfield...I swear, Midway USA grows exponentially between my visits. He has an incredible French/Belgium pinfire revolver that's only a little bigger than a's a tiny little jewel-like revolver in 5mm pinfire...he's looking for ammo to fire the little thing.

I have to admit that when I spend time around the Midway gunsmithing operation I have an overwhelming urge to checker a stock. Any stock!

I'm off to take a field medicine class for TBD/SURVIVAL...hoping to get out of St. Louis before the New Madrid lets go...then I'm going to suture a chicken...will post some pixs right here, of course! Suspect the chicken won't pull through.

Picked up a pre-'64 Winchester 94 30-30 for use on GUN STORIES...not a pristine collectable, but I do feel slightly lost without a 30-30 in the battery so now I can relax. I would have loved to have my grandfather's '94, but that's another story.

Saw the second cut of ZOMBIES...However it's received, I'm proud of the project. It was big fun! You'll see it next Wednesday!

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KMitch200 said...

Midway USA grows exponentially between my visits.

Good to hear!
Mr. Potterfield deserves all the business he can get after all he's done for us shooters.

Note to self: Pass on checkered stock purchase post Bane visit.

I'm off to take a field medicine class for TBD/SURVIVAL

Sounds cool but the suturing is the least important part.
Numbing, irrigation and scrubbing is the REAL important part.
Closing the wound can be done a number of ways.

Tim Covington said...

If the chicken does not pull through, I recommend a cremation using mesquite charcoal with a Shiner Bock based barbecue sauce covering the deceased.