Thursday, March 24, 2011

Meeting Da

Will be spending the day on SG overhaul for 2012. Am also picking up a Kimber Solo 9mm and a Pre-'64 Winchester 94 30-30 we need for GUN STORIES.

BTW, we're going to be looking at bullet-proof vests this upcoming season in TBD/Survival, something a lot of you have asked for.

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Bob Tinsley said...

"Meeting Da"???

I have one word for you: "spellcheck"

Thanks for the grin!

Bob T

Unknown said...

I watched the zombie show again yesterday and got a kick out of it again. I just wondered why someone didnt have a glock with the 33 round mags? that would have been a perfect use for those mags and it would have made it more fun..and we all gotta have fun, dont we?

David said...

If you're looking at body armor, I'd like to see something about how vests deteriorate over time, since they have an expiration date. How long are they really good for? What kind of protection does an expired vest offer?

Frank W. James said...

Michael: Take a long, hard look at the 'expiration date' issue with bullet-resistant vests sold to law enforcement.

My little gremlins have told me for years that this is one of the biggest scams going on for some time; with exceptions for extensive sun-light exposure (like on the rear window deck behind the rear seat of an unmarked car, or when totally soaked with moisture), but otherwise they last a lot longer than what the mfrs want everyone to believe...

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Dan said...

Looking forward to the range report on the Solo!

justbill said...

Here's another viewer who really hopes you will address the armor expiration date issue in an impartial, factual manner. As Frank said, it appears to be much more of a scam for continued sales than anything to do with chemistry.

Anonymous said...

Paraclete RAV vest.
Best there is.


Anonymous said...

Doing a complete report on bullet-proof vests will be good.

From what I've read and observed, the expiration date "issue" is one of guaranteeing product performance and avoiding a product liability problem. There is a correlation between age of the materials used and their residual tensile strength, among other measurable performance indicators. Exposure to other things such as sunlight, chemicals, compounds, contamination and cleaners also play a role in diminishing performance of the composites. Composites are also subject to degradation due to flexing and mechanical action. (Ask the pole-vaulter who's pole broke about that.) Since we have a plethora of Trial Lawyers looking out for the best interests of injured parties (@ 40% to 60% of the "take", plus expenses), vest companies are making sure their hind-quarters are covered. They are also in favor of actually saving the lives of their customers! I'm sure that there may be suppliers that exploit this, but lets not paint them all with a broad-brush and paint in the shade of "crook".

The issue of age related failure came up concerning vests sold to the military and police units by suppliers that WERE NOT advising that the vests be replaced at some prescribed interval AND actual problems were found in the field. Age related failure was, in fact measured. That's where this subject came to light.

People responsible for other safety equipment should also know that similar cautions are in affect for first-response gear, including helmets (motorcycle helmets too!) and airtanks. They too use kevlar and other space-age materials. Legally required annual inspection criteria includes an age check-off for such items.

I also use kevlar / composite canoes to explore the wilderness of Canada and can tell you that I can see the affects of "age" and other exposures on my two (2) very expensive light-weight models. Many of us experience cracking and punctures, when the boats get older and seasoned.

Covering vests is a good thing. You might also note where it's actually illegal for someone that "doesn't need" to own, or use one. Boy, does this sound like a familiar prohibition? I think that more than anything, that ban should rile-up more than me.

Life Member

KM200 said...

You might also note where it's actually illegal for someone that "doesn't need" to own, or use one.

While I like the concept, with the myriad of state, county and local laws it may be impossible to cover with any accuracy.

The US Palm Defender series seems like a decent one for only $200.

jacke said...

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