Wednesday, March 02, 2011

I Have Charlie Sheen's Twins!

And I'm going to sell them on eBay!

No, really...maybe it was all day scouting zombie locations for next week's filming. BTW, am hearing from Marshal out at GUNSITE that Ed Head was blown away by the little SIS SAUER 9mm. Read my friend Richard's piece in HUMAN EVENTS on the rise of the little 9mms:

That's definitely a trend I called pretty well...I can't wait to get the little Kimber SOLO 9mm!

Man, I am crazy busy doing television stuff, but it's all good. A clone might be nice, though. BTW, thank you for all the kind words on today's podcast...I liked it, too. And who knew there were that many Conway Twitty fans out there?

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Anonymous said...

Pearl street mall usually has alot of zombies on it, or did last I was there anyway, I avoid it any more.
- Grizz

Anonymous said...

moushearThere's plenty of Zombies in Californistan / Banifornia,
We refer to them as Illegals usually high on drugs or drunk hanging out on street corners in groups looking for under the table work while their offspring are waiting for gob(v)ernment assistance.

Meanwhile the media is attempting to ruin Charlis Sheen..... Leave the guy alone.
Sic the IDIOTS in Washington D.C. that are ruining this nation.

Si Vis Pacem Parabellum !
Acta Non Verba!
Semper Peratus!

Off Color Humor said...

Charlie Sheen's cheese has completely slipped off his cracker. It is sad because he had a really funny sitcom. If you like funny stuff, check out the funny videos at Off Color Fun.