Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Note on 9/11

This is the first time I've spent the 9/11 anniversary out of the country. Last week, I spent the day at Auschwitz in southern Poland. Outside of the horrific days I spent watching what was left of the World Trade Center -- and of my countrymen and women -- burn, it was one of the most powerful days of my life. I'll be takling about it next week on the pod, but for today I want to say mourn our dead and bless our heroes, pray for those in the shadows woes job is to keep us safe. Take a moment to remember Israel, living under the threat of a second Holocaust.

The world has become an increasingly dangerous place. As I have said before, the quest -- the Great American Constitutional Quest -- stands balanced on a knife's blade...a fraction of a movement in the wrong direction, and the quest, the quest that has been the savior of the world, will fail.

The 11th Anniversary of 9/11, and we dance upon the abyss with gay abandon, blind to the voices who cry warning.


Anonymous said...

Michael -

Some of my relatives went up those chimneys --- Never Again!

I could not think of a better statement of how these events bind free people together, and how we once again totter at the abyss. One can only pray that the lessons of history are not lost altogether.

Steve in AZ

Dan said...


has my thoughts on the anniversary. I would like to know how it is remembered in other countries.

kmitch200 said...

the Great American Constitutional Quest stands balanced on a knife's blade

I thought we got rid of that Constitution thing years ago.
Right about the time the .gov decided that us straddling the knife and them pulling on our ankles was OK.
God. Help. Us.

kmitch200 said...

Forgot to add about your Auschwitz visit...I'm really jealous.
Some things just need to be seen with your own eyes.

Rob Drummond said...

The same hate that creats a place like Auschwitz is the same hate in the minds of the men who flew those jets 11 years ago. I emerse myself in those images and stories from that day. Because I remember how I felt when I saw those buildings burning knowing people were jumping out & there was nothing to do to help them. I grew up in Rye NY accross the Sound from NYC & I saw them being built and on that day watched them fall. I want to never forget how mad & helpless I felt that day. Also how proud I was to see fire & rescue crews go in to help save the victims. I don't want the PC police to color what happened that day with PC views historically incorrect.

Never forget the Holocaust, never forget 9/11

God Bless the USA
Rob Drummond
Hillboro, NH

rastus said...

It hurts to watch a great nation die...even more so to have a front row seat.

Read through the When is the US going to invade Libya thread...

Competitive Advantage said...

September 11 has passed but I guess there are still a lot of blogs that I have encountered about this topic. Well, who wouldn't forget about the tragedy that happened? Hopefully, it won't happen again and may we have peace in this world.

Anonymous said...

My people were killed in the "other Holocaust" in Russia. Vladimir Lenin got most and Josef Stalin got the rest. What did my family do wrong to be systematically exterminated? They were demonized by class warfare. As Czarists, they were associated with wealth and were killed. Where do we see this happening again?

The potential for a repeat of any of these horrid acts is great. The negative leaders of our time are stoking-up dangerous fires. Beware.

Life Member