Friday, September 07, 2012

Belonging to the Right Club

Was excited to learn from the DNC that I belong to the government! Wow! I'm honored and a little humbled...I can't wait until I get my permanent bar code tattooed on the inside of my left arm!

Also, I'm honored to be allowed to pay for aging college "students" contraception! That's why I work as hard as I do, so little Jill (and Jack) can finish their 10-year degree in Norwegian Lesbian Sports Literature, 1659-1917 inclusive, while working their way through the Kama Sutra.

I'm going to spend the day looking at exotic sniper rifles, and I'll feel better.

BTW, a couple of more data points from Charlotte, the first from Peggy Noonan at WSJ:

Beneath the funny hats, the sweet-faced delegates, the handsome speakers and the babies waving flags there was something disquieting. All three days were marked by a kind of soft, distracted extremism. It was unshowy and unobnoxious but also unsettling.
There was the relentless emphasis on Government as Community, as the thing that gives us spirit and makes us whole. But government isn't what you love if you're American, America is what you love. Government is what you have, need and hire. Its most essential duties—especially when it is bankrupt—involve defending rights and safety, not imposing views and values. We already have values. Democrats and Republicans don't see all this the same way, and that's fine—that's what national politics is, the working out of this dispute in one direction or another every few years. But the Democrats convened in Charlotte seemed more extreme on the point, more accepting of the idea of government as the center of national life, than ever, at least to me.

Finally, and powerfully, Michael Goodwin at the NY Post:
This is not mere class warfare. That’s just a tactic. The goal, as it always has been for his kind throughout history, is to accumulate power that the elite can wield without accountability or checks and balances.
  Give the man his due. We have not seen his like in our times. His charisma and political skills are unmatched. If only they were admirably used.
Obama promised to unite the country and, his lie exposed, is now determined to win re-election by any means necessary. He may succeed.
Beware, America. The wraps have come off.Obama is unbound and the delegates in the convention hall went home in full revolutionary spirit. They don’t want to unite America. They want to conquer it.Barack Obama did build that.Peggy Noonan


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DamDoc said...

The three votes on god and israel, combined with the point about us all part of the government was chilling indead. I am probably more libertarian in my own beliefs, but it is scary how fast the moral fabric of the country is vaporizing in one of our major political partys.. i fear for our childrens world..

Anonymous said...

Peggy Noonan advocated for magazine quantity limits after the Gabby Giffords shooting incident. She is no friend of limited-government.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Michael. God bless you and yours. Please keep up your excellent work.

Mike W. Tucson, Az.