Sunday, September 16, 2012

Catching Up Before Getting Back in Harness

Despite the fact that my brain is still working at about only 30%, I saddled up and went to a cowboy match in Ft. Collins' Pawnee Station yesterday AM and lucked into a 7th overall finish (over 68 shooters) and winning my division. I wasn't shooting as quickly as I can shoot, but I was consistent, the legacy I think from my practice before the Ruger Rimfire Challenge match. Most of my practice before RRC was on rapidly acquiring the target and getting the first shot off quickly, followed by a one-shot, one-hit mantra. Yes, I know that the current is shoot fast, faster, fastest and wait (hope) for your accuracy to catch-up. Sadly, I remain Old Skool on the topic...I'll leave it to history to decide whether Mr. Earp actually said, "Speed is fine, but accuracy is final," but that is how my mentors taught me.

When I'm tired, shooting guns I'm not familiar with, when the weather goes south, whatever, I default to "deliver the shot."

Today is probably a range day — I've got a Stag AR-15 that needs to get sighted in and no matter how long I keep stalling the dang thing refuses to sight itself in. Man, that's the next breakthrough!  Assuming I pound the scope onto the rifle in preparation for today's session, I'm also talking my long-awaited Sig Sauer P938 9mm SA for a few rounds. I have to say I was blown away by handling the little gun...I think the Sig the only mini-9 I haven't shot. As you recall, I got in a P238 .380 to use in some eps of THE BEST DEFENSE with the full intent of returning the gun when we were finished. It was such a superb shooting little gun that I couldn't bring myself to return it. Am hoping the P938 lives up to my admittedly high expectations.

I'm fiddling around with a short piece for SHOOTING GALLERY 2013 on an ultra-lite breakdown AR-15. I've got a TAC2 Discreet Carry Kit for the basics, but I'm trying to decide on a donor gun. I'm waiting on one of the ATI polymer lowers, but I'm halfway thinking of one of the Bushmaster Carbon 15s, which certainly blow hot or cold depending on the reviews. My goal is an ultralight, easily packable gun, but one that works all the time as well.

I wish you could all make a swing by the Secret Hidden Bunker this time of year...the high aspen are all going golden, the air is crisp and there is no more beautiful place on earth.


nj_larry said...

MB...Ultra-lite AR....

realize you've got the world to play with for SG but working/retired/regular folks can't afford custom 2K works of art. I picked up a Kel-Tec SU-16B for just that purpose. 223, 4.5 lbs, polymer, 16inch barrel. Is it something I would take to Astan? No. Is it something worthy of national Benchrest Competition? No. But is it lite, really compact, reliable and does it pack a punch beyond any carry pistol round? As Sarah says You Betcha ! Oh and it cost me less than 500 bucks. I would like to see you play with that on SG.

kmitch200 said...

I wish you could all make a swing by the Secret Hidden Bunker

Tap the keg and fire up the grill.
I'm on my way!!

BBJohnnyT said...

Agreed on the SU-16. I have the "CA" model and it tips the scale at a smidge over 5 pounds, including the Aimpoint micro. I'm into featherweight guns and my lightest AR is an M&P Sport at two whole pounds more. If it's a WROL situation where I'll be hoofing it, my SU-16 is my go to gun and that's why it's in the trunk of my car at all times. It may not be as bomb-proof as an AR, but it's still plenty durable, capable and accurate to deliver the mail as you say. 2+ pounds is serious weight savings when you're on foot. If I'm not on foot, then a folding SU or any other takedown type carbine is unnecessary and I'd opt for something substantial like a SCAR heavy.