Friday, September 28, 2012

A Second Massive "WHEW!"

So we now have 10 of the 12 scenarios needed for next season's THE BEST DEFENSE in the can, or whatever the digital equivalent of that hoary film cliche is, and I am seriously relieved. We once again upped the ante with the scenarios, and I and the whole production team believe they are the best we've ever done. Our starting scenario is a neighborhood watch guy who starts following a suspicious person...hmmmmm, where have I heard that before...and we take you guys through every step both tactically and legally.

Coupled with the grueling SHOOTING GALLERY schedule, including the Poland trip, I am simply burned up. I'm going to take next week to spend some time at the range and catch up on a bunch of stuff.


Anonymous said...

Hi Michael, I've got the DVD's for seasons 1 and 2, but would love to pay my money to you for the DVD's of the other seasons. Been to the outdoor Channel web page, and to the store connected with your page and can't find the other seasons anywhere. Am I looking in the wrong places? Is it hopeless? Will they be made available? Hello, hello, hello, can anyone help me? I've fallen (for this show) and I can't get up (from in front of the DVD player) unless I get more of these videos !!!

Ron said...

I will be very curious to hear how this legal description comes forth. No disrespect meant in any manner, but once a case hits the witness stand & the courtroom it seems to me that ANYTHING is possible since this country is overflowing with attorneys hungry for frivolous lawsuits. YMMV

kmitch200 said...

Since TBD's credo is the fight avoided is the best option, I would *guess* that they advocate distance is your friend as the best legal action.
I would imagine that works well in ANY jurisdiction.

Michael Bane said...

Ron...I a point we make repeatedly! And kmitch is right as well. I got an email this AM on a terrifying story from a concealed carry holder. If you don't HAVE to dive into the soup, don't!


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