Monday, September 10, 2012

New All-Time Favorite Sub-Gun!


The Polish PM-63 "RAK" in 9 x 18, these things so rock! I gotta say that in the balance, I like them more that Czech Skorpions, which I like a lot. I'll have a report on the pod a week from this Wednesday, and you'll see the rock-and-roll video on SG next season.

Had a really nasty little virus end of last week, but it seems to have passed with nothing lingering but a nagging headache. Was NOT a lot of fun! Frankly, I don't have time in the ole schedule for being sick...LOL! 

BTW, in a couple of weeks we're going to be modeling some recent in-the-headlines shootings for THE BEST DEFENSE in the Denver area, and if you're a Pod Person and would like to be a part of the sim, please email me ( and let me know. Be a great chance to meet Seeklander & Janich!


Miles said...

Michael, my dentist once opined that what many people believe to be a short term influenza was actually a mild case of food poisoning.

Ron said...

The "no sporting purpose" seems to be a valid argument at least in the eyes of the anti gun clan.

I hope that ALL firearms owners wake up to the FACT that each one of us had better be engaged in this fight. DAILY the rights to own firearms are being slowly ground down. It is this pace that scares me most,,,,, that slow erosion,,, kinda like it will happen without any big to do.

Stay active in the preservation of the right to bear arms people!

Dan said...

Why do I just have a hard time wrapping my brain around a 9Mak sub gun?

and Miles, you may have sparked a possible blog rant about people blaming illnesses on what they ate.

Anonymous said...

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