Thursday, November 22, 2012

And a Happy Thanksgiving for All!

Our dinner went super. hey, how can you go wrong with lobster tails, stir-fired veggies, sweet potatoes roasted with chili, cranberries with sour cherries and rum, fresh rolls and...wait for it...wait for it...a homemade Boston creme pie. Yes, it rocked!

Going to do some 3-gun shooting tomorrow, then I swear I'm going to sleep until noon on Saturday. Maybe until 2 or 3 PM, getting ready for the Sprint 'til Christmas. Ho ho ho on d'at!


gunman42782 said...

Lobster tails for Thanksgiving?????

kmitch200 said...

Beats dried out turkey any day.

Glad you had a good day Michael. I didn't over eat, just regular sized portions.

OK, yeah I guess I did over eat.

"gunner" said...

i went with simpler fare, a rock cornish game hen, with the usuals, peas and pearl onions, stuffing, 'taters and gravy, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie for afters, with coffee. comfortably fed but not gorged.we had a good thanksgiving and i hope y'all had the same.