Wednesday, November 07, 2012

And So the Battle is Joined...

Honestly, I was just too depressed to post earlier today. But we pick ourselves up and get ready for the battle to cone. And it's coming quickly. Obviously, the first thrust is the damned U.N. Arms Trade Treaty. This looks like the fastest way for the Dems to rev up the gun control wars; it will fail, this time.   The Senate as presently constituted is not going to ratify this abortion. I think even the Democrats might pause a bit to consider the consequences of trying to ram through a U.N. proposal that overrides the U.S. Constitution.

Ditto for Diane Fienstein's nifty new AWB, as reported by Jim Shepherd and others. Apparently, not even the BATFE was enthusiastic about a new Ban, which would not stand a snowball's chance in hell in the House and probably not the Senate. At least for now.

But we ARE going to be fighting every single day for the next 4 years. Blink once, and we lose.

I've been monitoring gun prices, especially ARs, and ammo, especially .223/5.56. The sales are huge...this from Traction Control:
Buyers ordered 10% of available firearm and ammunition stock on hand in just one day following the Election. $5,471,760 in total sales were made on November 7, 2012 from a starting inventory valued at $53,624,215. 8% of ammunition, 3% of handguns and 15% of long gun units were sold during the day, for a total of 4,284 new firearms and 67,749 boxes of ammunition.
Prices depend on the dealer. I have found 5.56 Federal ball at the same price it was selling for Monday AM, roughly $360 per 1000. Some dealers have upped the 1K price on 5.56 ball as high as $100 over Monday's prices. Magazine prices are holding, although my cherubs and seraphim tell me that a major distributor of plastic mags for plastic guns will up retail mag prices 50% tomorrow AM. PMAGs still at $12-14 apiece.

AR sales are brisk, to say the least. There's a lot of inventory out there, though. I'm hearing about lots of stripped lower purchases. A lot of the high-zoot lowers are already on waiting lists. The big dealers are mixed...Impact Guns is showing most of their lowers on back order; RGuns showing their owes all in stock.

I'm in pretty good shape overall, but I would like to have a few lowers banked for upcoming SG projects. I may make some calls on that tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

The House and Senate may be on our side for now as far as the second Amendment and gun control are concerned, but just look at how the "Affordable Healthcare Act" was bought and rammed through. New anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment legislation can also be bought, maybe even from some republicans. And watch out for executive orders too!

Life Member

USCitizen said...

We are once agiain living in interesting times.

Thanks for the link to Traction Control.

Rob Drummond said...

I wish I could be optimistic but I just can't. We lost the fight Tuesday not just on gun rights but on everything else that made America great. Romney might have not been the perfect candidate but in the light of the Supreme Lord & Dictator he should have won in a land slide. Half of the people of this country voted for mediocrty & a no growth economy. We are facing a fiscal cliff but a social & economic one as well.

God was thrown out with the bath water years ago, the family structure is fractured, Sandy proves the Fed or stat can't deal with disasters how can they ever cope with the debt or the huge problems facing the nation or the world in the near future?

What do we do to stave off this tide of a "give me/I am owed" culture? The fed knows who owns the guns out here it's only a matter of time before they take that list and come get them under force. Its happened before in other countries it might only be a matter of time before it happens here.

I still want to fight the good fight but I am pretty darn depressed right now. What to do?
Rob Drummond
Hillsboro, NH

Dean Weingarten said...

The feds are not going to be coming door to door to get the guns, not en masse, not now. What we will see is attempts at backdoor infringements to make it harder to own and use guns, and attempts to do away with private sales, so as to register them over time.

Much of this may be done under the health care law. There is enormous power given to the bureaucracy in this law.

The bureaucracy could determine that guns are an unaceptable risk because the cost of gun shot victims is too high for society, so guns must be locked up, for example.

I see higher unemployment, higher prices, more regulation, higher energy costs, and it will all be blamed on conservatives by the old media.

The old media must die so that the republic may live. They are dieing, but is it fast enough?

Golum said...

Dean is spot on. A possible tact is: You want health care? Got to go through Obamacare for that. Oh wait, your a recreational shooter? You own guns? We don't offer health care to high risk individuals like gun owners. You need to divest of your dangerous guns, and we send an Obamacare inspector to your house to confirm no guns and a safe living environment before you can get Obamacare.

John Richardson said...

Now if I could just find a 6.8 SPC bolt carrier group...

I started looking a good month or so ago and they just are not to be had.

I agree with Dean that the old media must die. One suggestion that I've read recently is that conservatives MUST start another news channel. Fox alone can't be it.

Rob Drummond said...

Dean & John,
You are both right about the tactics like an Obama care route or UN Small Arms but don't dismiss people coming to the door.

A friend in High School dad was a gunsmith & Class 3 FFL dealer. He had a part time business in his basement with posted hours. One night undercover & uniform police broke down his door put him, his wife, and the three kids in cuffs and pulled the house apart. He was a suspect in a gun running outfit. After all that and hours under arrest they realized they had the wrong guy and he was set free. That happened in 1972. That guy was law abiding citizen and combat vet and was never a gun runner. What happened no one ever knew.

So as far as I am concerned it could happen under the right circumstances. Be prepared.

Oh, one benefit in living in the country like I do is you can see them coming!
Rob Drummond
Hillsboro, NH

Anonymous said...

Just go to, to read the headlines regarding the UN. This is all real!

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