Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Another "Must Read"...

...this one from December's Atlantic Magazine by Jeffrey Goldberg:
Boulder may be the locus of left-wing politics in Colorado, but it is also home to the oversubscribed Boulder Rifle Club, which I visited on a bright early-fall morning with Dave Kopel, of the Independence Institute. The existence of the rifle club surprised me, given Boulder’s reputation. But Kopel argued that gun ownership and sport shooting are not partisan phenomena, and he made the plausible assertion that Boulder is home to “the largest population of armed vegans in America.”
I certainly don't agree with all the conclusions reached by Goldberg (and my good friend Dave Kopel does have an excellent turn of phrase, doesn't he), but this article clearly shows the lack of rationality the part of publicity whores like Tom Mauser, and the list of suggestions for what university students should do if faced with an active shooter is just heartbreaking — grab a pencil?

This article is just another data point that regardless of the election results, we are long past the tipping point for public acceptance of firearms. That is a darn good thing!


BBJohnnyT said...

More public acceptance of firearms is always a good thing. Although I suspect it will only go so far. Yeah, most lib opposition is based on irrational fear due to the lack of exposure, and inviting them to the range can win over many. But no matter how much exposure they get, many others would still consider guns anathema because of the ideals associated with them. Individualism, self-reliance and distrust of the State. Same reason why I would never own an old 60's VW Microbus, even though I love them. I don't want to be misidentified as some gray haired hippie.

clark myers said...

"In a dark and crowded theater, he said, facing someone wearing bullet-resistant armor on much of his body, a gun, even in trained hands, would have been unlikely to do much good."

But notice that reports the Aurora shooter was "wearing bullet-resistant armor" are wrong. Once again the lie has circled the world while the truth has lagged. It is true the shooter was dressed in mail-order (internet-order) gear that might perhaps have carried plates. In fact the Aurora shooter had neither soft body armor nor plates.

JT from Pittsburgh said...

Hello Mike. Even though they concede guns are in the main stream they are still lib-tards! Noting that an armed audience would have ended this nonsense, instead the comment was that even trained individuals could not have taken this guy out. Me thinks a head shot sufficient. Please don't confuse this article with a change in additude. They still hate and fear us! Keep fighting the good fight Mike!

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