Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gordon Davis, R.I.P.

I note the passing of master holster maker, and my friend, Gordon Davis, after a long illness. In these days of floods of high quality holsters, it's hard to image how important Gordie's magnificent holsters were for both the fledgling sport of practical pistol — "combat shooting," in the into of the times — and concealed carry. I remember when I filly scraped up enough money to buy my first Davis hipster...I still have it today and it is still simply a great holster.  Later, Gordon was one of the founders of cowboy action shooting...Harper Creigh, "Judge Roy Bean," SASS #1 still carries his Colts in a Gordie Davis rig.

Go with God, brother.


kmitch200 said...

Sorry you lost a friend.

We ain't getting any younger are we?

Dillonhelp said...

So sad to hear this news.I've known Gordon a very long time, and treasure the rigs he made for me, for cowboy as well as modern guns. Walk with God,Amigo