Sunday, November 18, 2012

Appleseed Weekend!

It was really really fun, and I am really really tired! Appleseed Colorado Coordinators Jim and Kim Heath did a marvelous job, Colorado Rifle Club is a super venue and the weather was just amazing. Not to mention a great group of instructors and participants.

It's going to make a great SHOOTING GALLERY!

The Spike's/JP .22 AR may be the best .22 rifle I've every shot. Certainly among the top 3. I did the quick sight-in on Saturday AM at 25 yards from prone off a rolled up jacket. Ammo was CCI Tactical. The final "reference" group was a single hole 5-shot group (I'll post the pix tomorrow). My earlier generation Fowler/Pride 3-9X .22 scope is a world class scope...I've got a bunch of .22 scopes around the Secret Hidden Bunker, and the F/P is simply in another league.

How did I shoot?

My best tally was 216 out of 250 possible points on the Appleseed AQT,  which (barely) got me over the necessary 210 points for the "Rifleman" patch. I had some trouble with the sitting position so I decided to go to kneeling for that shooting string. I threw away some points on the off-hand 10 shots, which surprised me because I'd been shooting the off-hand really well in practice. But I made it up on the final prone stage, which is pretty much my strength.

I cannot say enough good things about the Project Appleseed. This is one event that every shooter should attend!


John Richardson said...

Congrats on making Rifleman. An Appleseed event is on my list of things to do for 2013.

I'll probably even make it to the "mother church" in Ramseur, NC.

Anonymous said...

Spikes/JP .22 AR?

Pleaase share the back-ground. Or, did i miss this in a previous posting?


Life Member

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your Rifleman patch, Michael. I shot an Appleseed last month, and also heartily recommend everyone attend at least one. I managed a 226 shooting my Ruger M77/22 w/Burris Compact 4x. I eventually ran the bolt with a fast-enough Rifleman's Cadence on Stage 2 to put all 10 shots on target! I think the takeaway is: get to an event, learn from the instructors (can you say NPOA?) and shoot with what ya got. That said, I plan to buy a 10/22 (or two), add a set of TechSights and shoot again with the family, this time using an NECG aperture on the 77/22.


Michael Bane said...

You know Elmer429, I really want to try an Appleseed with my 10/22 and Tech Sights, but shooting left-handed using my LEFT eye. My right eye just isn't good enough for irons anymore (scarring on the retina, so even though the lens has been replaced the vision will never be clear). My only question on a left-hand gun would be whether I can manipulate the gun fast enough to meet the time limits. I think it might be a fun, if frustrating, experience.

The instructors at GUNSITE ponded on my head over and over to get me to run a bolt gun quickly, so I know just how hard it is...



Paniolo said...

Congratulation Michael.

As an AS instructor in the northeast, I can confirm that qualifying on your first go is neither easy nor common. Especially when you're busy filming a tv show at the same time!

Thanks for the great discussion on the radio show about the AS message. You've nailed what we are about - trying to reconnect Americans with their roots as riflemen.

Keep up the good work!

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