Friday, November 16, 2012

Range Day (I Hope!)

The temperature is creeping up and the clouds seem to be moving out, so hopefully I'll be able to get rifles sighted in this afternoon. We're in kind of the pre-SHOT doldrums in the industry...people are frantically trying to get their catalogs done, collateral material printed and party invitations all sync'ed up. I'm trying to get both SHOOTING GALLERY and THE BEST DEFENSE wrapped before the end of the year — new season starts the last Wednesday of December. All in all, we're in much much better shape than we were last year!

I note that there are big changes afoot at OUTDOOR CHANNEL. As per the presser this AM, OC will be merging with InterMedia, which operates the SPORTSMAN CHANNEL and the InterMedia magazines and websites. As to what this means of our various and sundry projects, I have no idea. I plan to follow the advice of the great management sage Pete Townsend:

"Pick up my guitar and play 
Just like yesterday..."

Tickets are going fast for our 30 November live studio filming in Denver for SHOOTING GALLERY 2013! Email FLYINGDRAGONHELP@AOL.COM to get your free ticket! 


Overload in Colorado said...

Could you bring the red dot pistol to the tapings, please? I'm interested in the concept and how easy it is to pickup the dot. Or will we not have time after the second taping?
Overload in CO

p.s. wasn't there a knife you were interested it?

Michael Bane said...

I will have the Glocks there!