Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Generally Icchy Day

Sigh...working like crazy getting ready for the SHOOTING GALLERY studio sessions in Denver (you're coming , right?). Also spent time on the phone working on finding financing for the new Secret Hidden Bunker, with a little light at the end of the tunnel...maybe.

Had a little problem this afternoon. My Sweetie and I were walking Alf the Wonder Beagle up a trail. As you remember, Alf got ripped by a local dog a month ago and it took 6 staples to get her patched up. Jackasses up here in the mountains think their dogs should "be free," that is, off leash and for all intents and purposes out of control.

Let me preface this by saying I love dogs. I have had dogs my entire life, usually big and potentially aggressive dogs like malamutes and chow chows. In each case I have put in the time and the work and (occasionally) the money to make them good dogs, socialized dogs, great and loving companions. There is not an aggressive bone in Alf's body...she was raised as a show beagle until my Sweetie and I rescued her from that fate worse than death.

Alf's last attack cost more than $200 and left her limping for a month. We talked to the local police, filed a report and the people were fined.

So we're walking on the trail today and about 70 pounds of brown lab comes running our of the woods, followed by a couple of runners. The lab is not on a leash, of course. It runs up to Alf and then goes off on her, snapping and biting hard. I kicked the lab's nose, got it off Alf and my Sweetie risked limb to pluck Alf out of the way. The lab them made a move for me...the situation got resolved with no shots fired; I talked to the police about the situation; Alf is okay...but...

...I am DAMNED sick and tired of of these hippie-dippy morons and their big "rescue" dogs running all over the place...the last thing I ever want to do is shoot a dog. It's not the dog's fault that it bites. But I will NOT go to the hospital with my leg ripped up or see my own beloved dog injured or even killed.

Okay...rank mode off!


Anonymous said...

Michael, I understand your grief. Up here we have the same problem, plus dropped/released dogs going rogue. I do not hesitate any more. Dog with no collar, aggressive, shoot it. Aggressive dog off leash, most likely shot as well. It took me several vet trips with hundreds of dollars spent to come to this.


Anonymous said...

A claw hammer has proven in the past to be able to "open the mind" of an aggressive dog. Just don't use the blunt end.

Tim Covington said...

I completely understand where you are coming from. A couple of weeks back a couple of pit bulls got into my back yard. I went to open the gate so they could easily leave when one of them charged me. I was starting to draw and the other one interposed herself between me and the other dog to protect me. I hated to do it, but I called animal control. We have many elderly people and children in my neighborhood, and I could not take the chance that the dog would come after one of them.

Anonymous said...

+1 with Bidah.

After neighbor's dogs (and neighbor) had ugly run-in w/ rogue canines -- Bond Arms .410 derringer loaded w/rubber buckshot is standard carry when Malinois and I go for a saunter.

There are no bad dogs, just irresponsible owners.

Steve in AZ

BBJohnnyT said...

Over the years, I've hosed down several loose dogs with pepper spray, and recently bear spray, to protect my own dog and even myself when I'm out MTBing. Folks have told me that my actions are overkill and it's not the dog's fault. Like hell it is and frankly I don't give a damn. It's not my fault nor my dog's fault either, so tough cookies. Life's not fair and it shouldn't be for an aggressive dog.

BBJohnnyT said...

One more thing. Every time I used spray on a dog, I never hesitated and I slept like a baby afterwards. If I was carrying a firearm instead, I would like to think I would act in the same instant manner. Like I do with spray, I would probably pull it out and have it ready to use as soon as I see a loose dog bounding towards me. But I've never been put in that situation, so I couldn't be so sure. I'm not saying at all that you should have responded differently than you did, but it seems like this was an encounter that presents an opportunity to evaluate and reflect upon your response, or any hesitation in your response. We're you satisfied with the measure and speed of your response? Could you have honestly responded sooner and more proactively, maybe to to point of shooting that dog, and still be within your own personal moral convictions? What if it wasn't a dog but an aggressive human? Would that change anything for you? Of course, only you could answer these. I like how you often quote Harry Callahan's "A man has to know his limitations". I think this applies not only to physical and training limitations, but also moral limitations. Self evaluation from time to time of what we personally consider appropriate response prevents hesitation or regret later.

Henny said...

Michael, congratulations on building a new "Secret Hidden Bunker"! I hope that your new place will have ample room for a range. It's a wonderful thing to be able to walk out the back door and shoot!

I'd love to get out to Denver for the Shooting Gallery filming, but the 26 hour drive one way is probably the deal breaker! I'm a big fan of the show and pod casts.

Stay safe and good luck with the house.

nj larry said...

Be interesting to hear a lawyer discuss the range of response allowed for given circumstance. Also how much it would cost to shoot the cur. You being a public personage I suspect you are at higher risk of suit/indictment for shooting with astronomical dollars involved. Better to move.

Anonymous said...

OC the offending dog, then the owner if need be.

Fox OC will bring the biggest dog into a complete stop and cure them of chasing things.

We have the same problem with dogs here in KY.

Ratcatcher 55

Frank W. James said...

I think the previous comments about spray are spot-on. Here in Indiana, the animal rights people got a law passed and signed just over 3 years ago that makes the shooting of any domestic animals (particularly cats and dogs) a FELONY!

Yes, there is a selr-defense clause in the wording but so far of the cases I've personally followed that hasn't worked in court. You pretty much have to show physical injury to justify the use of lethal force now on domestic animals in Indiana.

Actually, it's easier to shoot people than it is to shoot dogs now in Indiana and 'walk' afterwards.

Is this HorseShit? Of course it is, but it is also the Law.

Pepper spray, bear spray, whatever avoids the issue.....I just hope the stuff works...

All The Best,
Frank W. James

RVN11B said...

Damned sad situation. I love Labs. Actually have one stinking up the house right now from 'outgassing' his contentment.

But I'll be dipped in a stinking pile of excrement if I would ever let any dog chew on me or my mutt or anyone else within my reach.

Been there and will not go through it again.

Here where my own hidden bunker is sited, it is not a problem to shoot an attacking animal.

Any other outcome is dumb!

Anonymous said...

agree with your frustrations.

but for EVERYBODY's sake, and especially here in the People's Republic of Boulder, it's better to OC the animal(and then the owner, if necessary) before making any new holes in them.


kmitch200 said...

Seems like the general theme is OC in weak hand, weapon in strong hand.
I'm good with that!
If the 'free willy' retarded dog owners don't like it, tough shit.

Anonymous said...

Three Esses-

1. Shoot

2. Shovel

3. Shaddup

Anonymous said...

Let me guess, lib-tards who most likely voted for "Zero", think their dogs should roam free and damn everyone else.