Friday, November 16, 2012

On The Phone All Day...Sigh... aborted trip to the range...I go to Appleseed with 2 rifles without a clue as to their zero. Sigh. Maybe sigh twice. Shouldn't take too long to sight them in, though. BTW, I'm doing the best I can to deal with the Twinkie Apocalypse...

I did have a long time on the phone today with Mark Keefe from AMERICAN RIFLEMAN, in which we never actually mentioned Twinkies. Mark is a really good friend and he and I almost never have a chance to get together. We had lots of stupid gun stories to swap.

Am I the only one who has the urge to rush out and panic buy Twinkies? I can't even remember the last time I had a Twinkie, but if the world ends next month I'm going to be pissed that I didn't have a Last Dessert of ice wine and Twinkies. Maybe I'm over-reacting. I could go for ice wine and Ding Dongs.

It's like losing a relative, assuming said relative was stuffed with a sweet, creamy center. I doubt I'll be able to sleep tonight. Farewell, fair junk food!


kmitch200 said...

Damn! This panic buying is going to be worse than the gun store!

Jack said...

My wife went out when she heard about this and loaded up our freezer with Devil Dogs, Ring Dings,Zingers and Donettes! We should be ok till sometime in January! Then it will be a full on search for replacements, maybe Tastycakes?

Anonymous said...

If only the UNIONIZED government workers ( I know, "government workers" is a fictitious concept, but just pretend.) would refuse to give compensation concessions. Maybe we could close them down too. ; )

Would that cause everyone to go out and hoard taxation?

Life Member