Thursday, January 03, 2013

Another Lying Weasel

This from one Justin Peters from Slate. You can always tell that anyone who starts out by explaining what a huge supporter he or she is of the Second Amendment will end up lying through his or her teeth. Here's a moron explaining  he has no direct knowledge of, like, guns, but he like, is an expert because he, like, you know, has read a copy of GARDEN & GUNS, and he's, like, smart, you know, and he might buy a gun if he could, or, you know:
In terms of repelling a home invasion—which is what most people mean when they talk about home defense—an AR-15-style rifle is probably less useful than a handgun. The AR-15 is a long gun, and can be tough to maneuver in tight quarters. When you shoot it, it’ll overpenetrate—sending bullets through the walls of your house and possibly into the walls of your neighbor’s house.
Wow! I've learned so much about ARs over the last few weeks. Did you know, for example, than an AR is only accurate out to about 75 yards? Or a mile or two, depending on the article. Or that the 5.56 can penetrate all the walls in your house, go on to shoot through your car and probably knock a satellite out of orbit? That the only purpose of an AR is to "hose down a room" with bullets? That only John Wayne wannabes and terrorists own one? That owning an AR means my penis is little? That owning an AR and being a Life Member of the dreaded NRA means it's okay to call on other people to kill me?

Wow! Who knew?

Meanwhile, I'm going to start doing more and more on training with .22s, because that is our reality for at least a year, even if we manage to survive this feces-storm unscathed. The ammo just isn't out there, and what is out there is painfully priced. I'm a little worried about ammo for the shows...shows eat ammo! Hopefully, all of you have purchased either .22 conversion kits for your ARs and/or a .22 trainer like a 10/22 and have some sort of .22 handgun. Ideally, you'll have a .22 conversion unit for your regular handgun. I'm using a Ruger SR22 for CCW training.

My friend Tom Yost and I will be filming a video training guide to using .22s both for training and in competition. we're planning on filming in March, and the video should be available long before 5.56 ammo gets back in the pipeline.


George said...

I seem to remember you advising we stock up on primers, powder, bullets, and .22 LR a few years ago because one never knows when availability will be acute.

Fortunately I took your advice. I have enough primers to ride out the next 4 years of this jackass.

Anonymous said...

I read the article and thought the same, seemed like a the laws of NYC had the intended effect on him, since he wasn't willing to even look into getting a firearm.

Now if Garden and Gun would do an article on Glock/XD/Sig/M&P pistols or AR/AK style self-defense rifles, that would make me smile.

Don't forget to mail your Reps!

Anonymous said...

I purchased for both my wife and I to train with, S&W M&P .22s. They match our full size M&Ps so well. Triggers are wonderful out of the box. Had Dawson make F/O front sights. Just great.

B said...

To be fair, not EVERYONE who writes for HuffPo is the enemy.

Radley Balko writes there now.