Saturday, January 19, 2013

But Wait...There's More!

Any minute, after my brain engages. Last night was my annual "Help! I Can't Get Out if Vegas!!!!" party, where I got to see all the people I didn't get to see at the Show. As always, was Big Fun. By the time I remembered I wanted to get a look at the 1873 Winchester produced by Miroku in Japan, there wasn't anybody there to talk to. I'll try to get an order in next week. I wouldn't mind one of the Miroku '92s in .44 Magnum, either.

I did manage to get by Bond Arms at the last guys know I've been a fan of the Remington pattern Bond derringers for a long time. They recently redesigned their fire control system, resulting in much easier cocking and a pretty good trigger -- especially for a derringer. They also have an upcoming mini version that competes directly with the much lauded, seldom seen, never shot Heizer DoubleTab. It's shorter than the DoubleTap, a little heavier (18 ounces) and has the Bond interchangeable barrel system. Yes, you can get it in .45 ACP for about half the cost of the high-priced spread. I know Bond's quality...I put a .45 ACP version on order.

I finally remembered what I meant to mention the other pals at Tactical Solutions have their own TS branded AR lowers, so you can get complete .22LR rifles.

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ExurbanKevin said...

I think Tim Norris needs to come out of his shell and talk more. The man is such a wallflower!