Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I've read today about how hunters and shooters have "different needs," and how the NRA membership is "separated" from the NRA executive. Let me use a simple, easily understood word here:


In their dreams. We are united. We stand together in the fight of our lives. Just ask the clowns at Reed Exhibitions, the sad, pathetic pandas who are running the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA. If you recall, Reed decoded that black rifles were evil and they wouldn't let them at the outdoor show they were sponsoring. The roof fell on them. All the major sponsors are gone. The people putting on demos or seminars are gone. Most of the gun companies are gone. Most of the hunting companies are gone.

Please, if you live in the area, DO NOT waste your money on scum who hate us!

I want to do a couple of shout-outs here. At this year's SHOT, I got to spend a little more time with Lee and Tiffany Lakosky, stars of the hot OUTDOOR CHANNEL show THE CRUSH. The more time I spend with them, the more impressed I am. Today they were among the first to stand up and say they 100% supported the Second Amendment, and that they would not support any event that did NOT support the Second Amendment.

I would also like to mention my old friend Larry Weishuhn...okay, more than an old friend..a brother. Today Larry said that although he didn't use any of the "banned" equipment, he stood with the Second Amendment, he stood with freed, and he stood with the Constitution.

We are united.

I am so proud to stand with Lee and Tiffany, with Larry, with Cabelas, with S&W, with Ruger, with Trijicon, with my employers, with so many other who have pulled out. Here is what Lee Lakosky said:
"There’s a reason for the Second Amendment and we all need to band together and stand behind it.”
Hell yes, brother!


Anonymous said...

Pumps fist in air!

Anonymous said...

Understand Obama has litmus test for military leaders. They must agree to shoot US citizens or no promotion. Centcom Commander, Gen. Mattis told to step down because he refused.

Anonymous said...

Reed is a British company, which should tell you something. They are also the 800 pound gorilla of the exhibition world. While this does send a message, I am not sure if it is a big enough one.


Dalton Masterson said...

Its amazing to me how many shooting sports will NOT support the others though. Sporting Clays guys that refuse to accept 3 gun, long range that wont accept cowboy, etc.
Gonna be a tough fight to get United, but when we do, watch out....

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting the Reed also is the organizer for the SHOT show. Do they just have more control over this show in PA? Should NSSF find a new organizer for SHOT?

Frank W. James said...

Reed is the big kahuna and if they get pissed off, no one will be able to book a hotel room at next year's Shot because they have them all reserved ALREADY, but you know what? SCREW 'EM!!!!!

Tell Reed Exhibitions to go SCREW Themselves and we will survivie without them. They are British and they could give a Fuck about us and the 2nd Amendment.

May they rot in Hell...

All The Best,
Frank W. James

JohninMd.(HELP?) said...

Well, damn. Don't beat around the bush, Frank, tell us how you _really_ feel! And I agree with you 100%!!

Alien said...

RE: Frank's point about Reed.

1) They can FOAD.
2) NSSF needs to dump them immediately, for all purposes.
3) If it impacts SHOT in Vegas, so be it. Las Vegas is a big place, and there are other venues; yes, for a show that size a venue change 11.5 months out is almost impossible. Note I said "almost."
4) There are multiple other event organizers. Hire one, and make sure the contract language is correct to prevent them doing what Reed did.

And, make no mistake, Reed did it to US, not someone else. We're all in this together (even if some don't yet recognize that fact).

Machiavelli's Window said...

King of the Mountain, Inc. posted on their Facebook page Monday:

We at King of the Mountain, Inc. have exhibited at the Eastern Sports in Harrisburg PA since 1988! This is our 25th Anniversary of continuous exhibitions. HOWEVER, unless something changes ... and changes real fast... we won't attend. It's time that we all hang together.. or they'll surely hang us all separately.

What has happened? Well, the Reed Exhibitions Group that promotes the event is headquartered in Reed Exhibitions
383 Main Avenue
Norwalk CT 06851
Tel: 203 840 4800
Fax: 203 840 5805
Email: inquiry@reedexpo.com
For farily obvious, politically correct, misplaced sentimental reasons the company has banned the display of hunting and defense rifles. There is even a Facebook page supporting the boycott of the event now and Cabelas which is one of their largest sponsors has cancelled their sponsorship. www.kingofthemountain.com

"gunner" said...

reed exhibitions needs to talk with the british former owners of smith & wesson about what happens when you piss off american gun owners. the doors may be open but even free beer won't bring in a crowd, and as the word spreads they're likely to find their other shows affected at the bottom line too.

Anonymous said...

Not everyone reads the gun blogs. I sure hope that there is a cadre of picketers outside the entrance of the show to let the hard working religious gun clingers of Pennsylvania know what these folks have done. I've personally have a closeness in my heart for that inflatable Big Old RAT that union guys drag out to work sites with scabs.

bgary said...

we're not as united as we can (and should) be. I participate in a "guns" forum at my workplace, and am astounded at how many of the "gun owners" say some flavor of "it wouldn't bother me to have a ban on AWs/hi-caps because I don't see any purpose to those". I keep trying to explain the whole slippery-slope/divided we call concept, but... it is surprisingly hard to get through. Even amongst "our own".

Cyber Warrior said...

Local Harrisburg TV (WGAL) announced this morning that 260+ vendors have pulled out

Cyber Warrior said...

SHOW Cancelled 11:45 AM Thursday


United we stand....We have the power... keep it up

Anonymous said...

Don't fool yourselves. There are many hunter-brothers that ARE divided from us. They have rationalized that "they don't need" the types of guns that are on the ban lists. We need to get through to them. Many of them are my neighbors here in Michigan. We can't take anything for granted.

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