Monday, January 21, 2013

The New World Sucks

I had to drive down to Machinegun Tours, one of places that does my FFL transfers, today, about an hour or a little more, to file my 4473s for a bunch of guns, including 3 (count 'em!) Spike's lower receivers. Then I got to drive home where I will wait for the paper to clear, which according to my friends at MGT will be sometime early next week. Hopefully. I also get to fill out some more paper for a Gemtech suppressor, pay the $200 and wait some more.

It was weird taking the lowers out of the box to get their serial numbers...everybody in the store gave a low, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." as if I was unveiling the Crown Jewels (well, maybe I was). I had to tell some of the young people in the store that free range lowers used to be as common as rabbits, roaming stores and the Internet at will, but that now they were all but extinct (except for some of the captive ones like my Spike's). They were amazed and maybe a little awed when I told them that in the Old Days (a.k.a. last November) you actually had a choice of lowers, and you could even get them custom engraved with your favorite comic book character, slogan or, heck, maybe the Hello Kitty logo. Amazing!

I have 3 more lowers on backorder from Brownell's; I don't know when or if they'll ever arrive. Two of the lowers are dedicated to .300 Blackout projects; one to a 3-Gun rifle. I kinda had a .50 Beowolf or .458 SOCOM boomer project in the back of my head, but we'll see if/when the the other lowers show up.

BTW, I saw Michael "Spike" Register, owner of Spike's, at SHOT...what a nice guy!
I got the 1873 Winchester and the Kodabow crossbow formally ordered today. Will be working on the TAVOR  and Ruger 45-70 tomorrow. If all these things came due at once, I'd have to mortgage the Bunker...

BTW, I want to get some of those nuclear arrows like in Rambo movies.

I like the little mushroom clouds.

BTW BTW, I stopped by Walther to ask about the .22LR PPK/S, since I'm a big proponent of using the .22 LR for training (assuming, of course, that .22LR ammo eventually makes it back into the pipeline). Asking about getting a T&E gun bought gales of laughter. Yet another list to put one's name on...


Anonymous said...

Ah, the good ol' days - when AR lowers came custom engraved, in a dozen different colors, hydrographic camo, and cost as little as $59 (sometimes less).

Don't know that we'll ever see those days again, my friend. But I'm hopeful that, with any luck at all cooler heads will prevail, and this storm will pass with minimal damage.

And, if so, let's all remember to not take our freedoms for granted - and buy as much ammo as we can when we see it - not just when we need it. And not put off buying the guns we REALLY want (I know I won't).

But, more importantly, let's KEEP the pressure up on our representatives and legislators - and support for the NRA and other pro-gun groups. If WE don't take our rights seriously, and value them - not just when endangered, but on a daily basis - how can we expect THEM to.

Yes, this "New World" sucks. But it's up to us to form a better one for everyone in our community - and elsewhere.

Randy McBrayer
Elizabeth, CO

cm smith said...

My big question: Do magazines from the new PPK work in the old 'real' PPK?