Friday, January 04, 2013

ARs For Sale in Colorado

Looks like the Old Days, don't it? Amazingly, my friend and fellow Zombie Slayer Alan Samuel has figured out a way to keep his retail store stocked up with ARs of many different brands, complete Daniel Defense uppers and 5.56 ammo.

No, I don't have any idea how...I talked to him this afternoon and he said, you know, a little of this, a little of that, a few phone calls.

I asked if it was all right to post this on the blog (yes, he does do Internet sales), and he said, "Cool!"

His store is:

MachineGun Tours
12550 W. Colfax Ave. Unit 103
Lakewood, CO

And no, I don't get kickbacks, although I'm hoping he got my email to hold a DD upper for me at MSRP. Tell him I sent you!

As the great Mary Pickford was once told in a silent movie after being given a doll:

Love it quick; you ain't gonna have it long!

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Kansas Scout said...

Sold out already. sigh.