Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I Mean, Okay, I Didn't Know How To Tie a Tie...

...and a big ole shout-out to the SHOOTING GALLERY fan who tied my tie before I headed out onto the Show floor! I asked my friend Kel Whelan from Gemtech to tie it, but he claimed to be strictly business casual, which allowed him to stand to the side and kibitz while I groveled to get someone to help me tie my tie. One guy said his grandfather was a mortician and could tie one quick like a bunny on a dead person, except that he wasn't his grandfather and I wasn't dead. Luckily, a fan with a tie agreed to take a chance, and after a couple of tries it worked!


• I like the Sphinx SDP subcontract 9mm, although it's a bit on the pricey side ($1K and change)...I should have a T&E gun in a few months.
• I shot the Glock 30S, but honestly I'm not enough of a Glockenista to tell you whether it's a big improvement over either the fat G36 or the single stack G30 (did I get that right?). It'll fit in a G19 holster, anyhow.
• The weirdest thing I saw today — that, yes, I will buy!!! — is the Sig MPXC carbine, the civilian-legal semi auto version of the MPX 9mm buzz gun (which is way cool, BTW). It has a 6 1/2 inch barrel with a 9 1/2 inch muzzle brake permanently attached. Yes, you did in fact read that correctly. So let us ponder what a muzzle brake is in and of itself...it is a series of baffles attached to a barrel to reroute gases as they exit said barrel, right? This 9 1/2 inch muzzle brake looks like it will do a great job of that. Now, what other device constructed primarily of baffles attaches to the end of the barrel and is designed to reroute gases? If you guessed ocarina, move immediately to New York. If you guessed suppressor, well, yes! So with the MPXC you can buy a threaded tube and an end cap from Sig and, after the appropriate paperwork, the $200 tax fee, and the long long wait, VIOLA, a suppressor! Cool...


Anonymous said...

You wore a tie at Shot Show? Which hat?


Anonymous said...

I almost had a heart attack when I saw the description of the video on downrage.tv...S&W M&P10??? A 10mm version of the M&P pistol?? Lord have mercy! Too bad, it would have been sweet.

Chaplain Tim said...

My go-to source


Jkwas said...

Just to help you out.....


Anonymous said...

By The way, the Glock Model 30 is the "fat one" and the Model 36 is the single-stack hide-out gun.

I've been eye-balling a '36, but haven't seen many in gun-shops, or vending machines. Does anyone out there have any experience with 'em?

Life Member

kmitch200 said...

LifMem, I know someone who has a G36.
We've shot them side x side with my G27.
I didn't think there was any difference as far as recoil or contol.
Not enough for me to justify seeking out a G36 and going from 10rds to 7. Now if you have a set caliber you want to go with, YMMV.
A 26 will get you 11.

Anonymous said...

Thanks "kmitch200",

I am looking for a deep-concealment .45. This will be my first Glock! I do like the 26 though. If I needed a 9mm to fill that roll, your advice would be prime for that.

Thanks again.

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