Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ruger Steps Up!

Ruger is helping people get in touch with their Senators and Congresspeople. Good on them!

What have YOU done to save the Second Amendment (and America) this week???

Some thoughtful reading on guns from a psychiatrist:
A disarmed population is allowed the toxic luxury of feeling as though our way of life and our safety from oppression comes without the tremendous responsibilities and moral complexities of wielding force. The same people who passively pay taxes that put tanks on the streets and fighter jets in the skies over our enemies' nations can cringe at the idea of owning guns themselves — projecting their survival instincts onto an all-powerful father figure (the state).
BTW, the Nazi Germany meme is having an much so that the big liberal guns of HuPo and Salon are in full's my favorite moronic comment from Salon:
The law did prohibit Jews and other persecuted classes from owning guns, but this should not be an indictment of gun control in general. Does the fact that Nazis forced Jews into horrendous ghettos indict urban planning?
Here's my response:

The "useful idiots" were the first to take the ride East. This is Joe Biden's Ribbon plan for American gun owners! Maybe they'll offer the patch in fetching colors...


bgary said...

Seems ironic, given the fact that Mr. Ruger's past statements led to the belief that capacity limits were reasonable.

Michael Bane said...

Mr. Ruger is long gone. If you want to discuss this with him, you'll need a psychic.


Anonymous said...

Just received my email from Ruger and sent my letters. Thank you Michael for doing your part here for all of us.

Mike W.
Tucson, Az.

Rob Drummond said...

I sent mine too....great job Ruger!!!
Rob Drummond
Hillsboro, NH

Eric said...

"Those who bear this sign, is an enemy of our people."

"gunner" said...

i'm a world war 2 kid, i still remember the photos of the death camps at the end of that war in europe, and the gallant but hopeless battle in the warsaw ghetto. now i'm hearing our "progressive" leftists muttering "round up all the gun owners and send them to re-education camps". we all know where that will end.

justbill said...


Bill Ruger also said "The
[Constitution] says what it says. ‘The right to bear arms shall not be
infringed.’ If you can’t live with that, then you shouldn’t be
trying to be an American citizen." Don't confuse his ill-conceived attempt at limiting a business rival's advantages with a distaste for the Second Amendment.