Sunday, January 20, 2013

Back at the Bunker...

This is one of those "anyway" post, where I try to remember the things I've forgotten. Which is hard, because I've forgotten them. Something like that.

Kahr rolled out their lower-priced .380, the CW380, with an MSRP about $419. I would expect it to be just like every other Kahr I've owned and shot, which is really good. They also added a CW45 in, duh, .45 ACP AT $485 MSRP. I've always really liked the Kahr .45s...the one I have now seems to "shoot light" for a .45 in that small a package.

I did a video thingie for SHOT Show TV on Trijicon's 3X ACOG with a special .300 Blackout reticle (above). The reticle is good for both supersonic and subsonic on the supersonic load and the subsonic is good to go. I've got 2 .300 Blackout uppers, which if I ever find enough parts will get built up. Would love to have this sight set-up on the 16-incher.

I put myself on the waiting list for a Mossberg MVP Patrol Rifle, essentially a police-erized version of the Mossberg MVP .223 bolt guns that takes AR-15 magazines. The Patrol version has an adjustable AR-15 stock and a Picatinny rail already attached. Think of the MVP Patrol as a "Scout Lite." I understand the MVP Patrol is at least 3-4 months out.

I do want to add a long-range .308 bolt gun to the Bunker battery this year, and so far I'm of mixed thoughts. I have the Ruger Scout, which I both love and shoot well, the FAL and a Colt LE901, which is a pretty good selection of 7.62/.308 guns. I want to shoot the Colt at some longer ranges (I've only shot the Colts at 200 yards and in...what I'm thinking here is 300-600 yards), which may well negate the rationale for the bolt gun. I'm considering the FNH SPR series because the ones I've shot have been just super...essentially a pre-'64 Winchester. The new SPR A5M was at the Show. The SPRs are in that netherworld between a really expensive factory rifle (the SPRs run in the $3K range) and some of the less expensive custom bolt guns. Of course, if I hit the lottery, I'd get a McMillan TAC-308. Several years back I shot a 300 yard 2-and-change inch group with a McMillan TAC-50, and I've had a soft spot for them ever since. The only thing that worries me about the Colt is magazines. I moved pretty quickly and ordered 10 7.62 PMags, and even though they showed in stock, the order got cancelled. So I only have a couple of Colt mags.

I didn't even bother checking out the dueling Heizer/DoubleTap/whatever derringers. I got burned last year. If you want a 2-shot pistol to stuff in your pocket, let me spell it out for you: B-O-N-D. They make them, have been making them a long time, and they work really, really well. Bond makes great guns, whether you like the derringer pattern or not. As soon as the new tiny .45 ACPs come out, I'll be buying for me and one for my Sweetie. So there!

UPDATE: I was unpacking today and found the specs on the new Bond "Backup." It's 4.5 inches long (vs. 5.5 for the DoubleTap); 3.75 tall (vs. 3.9 for the DoubleTap) and weighs 18 ounces (vs. 12 ounces aluminum; 14 ounces for the ti DoubleTap). MSRP on the Bond "Backup" is $400, which includes a pocket holster that also holds 2 extra rounds; the DoubleTap is $499 aluminum unported; $729 for the titanium version...porting is roughly $60 extra. 

O the RKBA side of things, we are NOT out of the woods by a long shot! We are starting to see the outlines of a sophisticated, heavily funded attempt to separate the hunters from the shooters — hell, it worked last time in 1994! And BHo so loves the whole "divide and conquer" thing, despite the damage that it does to the fabric of America. Expect to see more like this HuffPo piece from professional whore John W. Boyd:
As a small child I remember my grandfather had his rifle on a gun rack over his bed for protection, my father has a rifle in his home and today, being a farmer and living on a farm, I, too, own a 22-caliber rifle. Most farmers are responsible and law-abiding, and they use their guns safely. Like most farmers I have a deep appreciation for the land and the animals who share the land. I respect the right to bear arms and support the Second Amendment. But I question what the Sam Hill does a farmer or hunter need with an AR-15 or any assault weapon?
Sam Hill! Hell, ain't he folksy? The proper response to this sort of bleating is ridicule. Here's Boyd's Wikipedia entry, proving that he's just another liberal paid shill...aka, 'ho. Expect to be flooded with articles that start out, "I'm a gun owner, but..."

DO NOT LET THIS DIVIDE AND CONQUER PROGRAM WIN! There are no "Fudds"...only brothers and sisters.

Here's an interesting piece from WaPo on "How the NRA is Winning." Not the utter contempt in which they hold us...
The longer the fight on gun rights carries on, the more members — and money — the NRA will add. It’s not unreasonable to think the NRA will add more members (and raise more money) in 2013 than in any year in recent memory.
Excellent! If you have friends who are NOT members of the NRA, offer to buy them a one-year membership!


Anonymous said...

John Boyd should look at the increasing rate that multiple assailant home-invasions are occurring at. The frequency rates can be found with little effort from police and FBI statistics banks. They are on the rise.

Criminals have figured out that one useful tactic for them to employ is to over-power their victims by using the element of surprise AND strength in numbers. Even seasoned police officers and soldiers have a difficult time hitting a single moving target, let alone several; thus needing to expend a high number of rounds. A victim that is armed with a ten-shot, or less capacity self defense gun can offer assurances to the perp's that all they need to do is wait for the re-load. Then, they can move in and over-power their victims. Conversely, if a victim can respond with un-interrupted defensive fire, the assailants are most often repelled. This self defense strategy applies everywhere; whether in a new York "complex", or out here in a very rural environment that is without regular police presence or protection.

Our response to Mr. Boyd's silliness is to remind him that QUALIFIED SELF DEFENSE EXPERTS recommend full-size, high-capacity defensive guns, to eliminate the need for reloading in a defensive situation. We also need to ask Mr. Boyd what qualifies him to make such an assessment. We need to stand up for our rights by stating facts and data to counter his type of rhetoric.

Remember, it's "The Bill of Rights", not "The Bill of Needs"!

Life Member

Trav said...

I'm tired of hearing about "needs." Rosa Parks didn't NEED to ride in the front of the bus. I'm glad she did, though.

Matthew said...

I've convinced two guys who are gun owners to become members and sponsored two fellow former Marines and a goddaughter. Two on the 19th hoping to see an appreciation day membership bump.

Sent another $50 to both SAF and ILA last week.

Emailed my reps.

Not saying that to toot my own horn but if every current gun owner/NRA member did the same that'd be 20 million new members and 200 million dollars to each of the biggest groups fighting for our rights.

Combined with the pressure on our elected critters gun control would be on the ash heap where it belongs.

Daniel Morgan said...

Couldn't agree more, Michael. We can't afford to be lulled into a sense of complacency - or hopelessness. "Divide & Conquer" has been this WH's strategy from day one - and we can't let ourselves become just another in his long list of victims.
BTW, while looking for a 'long-range' .308 - give a look to the Savage 10 FCP-SR. Wouldn't sell mine for ANY price, and she's good out to 800 yards - and likely beyond, if I get around to going that distance.
And kudos to you Matthew. We should ALL be inspired by your accomplishments. I'm sorry to say I haven't kept up - tho it wasn't for lack of trying.
This will be one long, hard, tough, bloody fight - and I hope the latter adjective proves to be just that, just an adjective. We don't "need" any blood spilled over this issue - but I fear it may come to it (by hook or crook).

american122 said...

Michael Bane,

Are you aware that the country of the United States of America has not existed since 1871?

What exists today is the UNITED STATES Corporation and it only has authority within Washington D.C.

The American people have been lied to and saddled with debt since long before our birth.

Listen to the video and learn that we are living in the UNITED STATES
Corporation which has no 'real' authority outside of Washington D.C.

In 1871, Congress transformed the Country of the United States of
America into the UNITED STATES Corporation.

We live today in a Corporation, not a country. So those who we thought to have died for our Country actually died for a Corporation.

Call your Congressman & Senators this week. It's time for a Revolution
from the Corporation.

Tomorrow, my American 'Corporate' Flag comes down and the "Do Not Tread On Me" flag goes up!

So, how do we fight Gun Control knowing now that this is a Corporate policy and not the policy of a country?

dillon help said...

Dillon Precision will pay $10 of the $35 cost for a new NRA membership, so only costs $25 to join.

Steve said...

Let's prove that S.O.B. from NyPo right. I signed up 2 new NRA members today! Also, Ruger is making it easy to contact you reps just go to Personally, I unchecked bho & stumblebum biden. No need to send a letter to them but I did send one to my federal & state reps. Need to do that every week to make sure our voices are heard.