Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Right through the full vote of the Legislature and right into the 2014 elections, where we will hand the Bloomberg shills their  heads!

These four Senators hold the key to stopping one of more of these horrific bills, and I understand they are swamped with contacts...but we need more!

Contact them, but DO SO WITH COURTESY AND HONOR! I have spent the last 2 business states at the State House, and I have not been treated with either courtesy or honor. Pissed me off, and that's the last thing we want to do with our legislators.

These are RMGO email links that include a message. I encourage you to write your own, but keep it short and keep it courteous. Senator Todd actually took the time to go to a range and shoot, even though she expressed a fear of guns. However she votes in the end, she stood up...and so should we!


Kalashnikat said...

I wrote this one...feel free to plagiarize.

Dear Senators,

As a Husband, Father, Father-in-Law and Grandfather,
I’m appalled that the Colorado Legislature is apparently willing to take away a woman’s right to defend herself simply because she’s on a Campus in the State of Colorado.

Such a thing is beyond comprehension. Your colleagues have suggested that a whistle or a telephone in a box is sufficient protection, or that having a gun means having a gun taken away by a rapist…those are absurd statements by individuals who clearly have put no real thought or planning into actual self-defense…it’s just an armchair exercise for them.

I strongly urge you to vote NO on HB 1226, and please allow adult females on Colorado Campuses to defend themselves with firearms, as they are allowed to do almost anywhere else in the State…

Do you not feel that women are capable of discerning a threat, and being able to understand the consequences of using a firearm inappropriately? Why do you feel that adult women (or men) cannot be trusted in matters of their own self defense?

Campus police cannot be present for all students at all times. Their job is to pick up the pieces after a crime and try to solve it, not to protect every person on Campus at all locations, at all hours of the day or night.

Clearly there is also no logical reason to disallow mature male or female faculty, staff or graduate students who meet the age requirements and have already undergone background checks, met training requirements, been photographed and fingerprinted, and been issued concealed carry permits from defending themselves and those around them, just because they are on a College campus...

If Gun Free Zones work so well, why are there so many mass shootings in them…? Why didn’t the State of New York declare Staten Island a Hurricane-free zone?

The mere possibility that there can be firearms in responsible hands on campus unquestionably acts as a deterrent to armed violence.

Vote as if your daughter’s life and dignity might depend on her being able to defend herself, or on her professor’s ability to defend his class from a disturbed individual.

Kalashnikat said...

...and in a more strident tone:

I also urge you to give this matter some serious thought, and to use your God-given wits, not just your emotions...

I write to protest most strongly against your entirely unjustified assault on law abiding Colorado gun owners. Of the various bills you are presently rushing through committee, none of them will have any appreciable impact on preventing future shootings like the Aurora theater or Newtown tragedies, which were clearly and undeniably the work of disturbed individuals.

On what possible basis can you imagine that the hundreds of thousands of lifetime-law-abiding gun owners should be treated and weighed in your decision making as of less consequence than a tiny handful of clearly deranged murderers with a pattern of increasingly irrational behavior? And on what basis do the wishes of out-of-state gun control organizations outweigh the wants and needs of your lawful constituents?

This slate of Democrat-introduced gun control bills are entirely unjustified and are clearly more about controlling the behavior of honest law abiding gun owners than preventing the vanishingly-rare mass slayings that are less likely to cause deaths than lightning strikes are. More people are killed with carpenter's hammers each year than with rifles of all types, let alone Modern Sporting Rifles like the AR.

Please reconsider this reckless course the legislature has embarked on.
Over the past several weeks there have been numerous and apparently increasingly frequent home invasions reported on the radio, and the most common pattern to them is multiple assailants (often three to as many as five), involved with methamphetamine or other drugs, seeking anything of street value, breaking into homes of total strangers, often threatening women or the elderly or disabled. A five shot small caliber revolver in the nightstand is no longer a guarantee of either effective deterrence or successful defense in circumstances like these.

If you choose to punish, restrict, and harass the innocent, and to criminalize the law-abiding, you will neither be forgotten nor forgiven for this unconscionable breach of your oath to uphold the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Colorado and protect the rights of the individual. You will be setting the scene for massive civil disobedience on a scale unseen since the days of the Viet Nam war, and you will be making artificial felons out of respectful and respectable citizens of this State.

Kalashnikat said...

When you hear someone ask, "why does anyone need an AR-15 or a magazine" of whatever size, ask yourself this:

Why did Rosa Parks "need" to ride in the front of that bus...both ends of the bus get to the same destination at the same time...

It was her civil right as an American citizen to be treated with equal dignity, ...just as, and even more importantly, it is the Constitutionally-confirmed and God-given right of every American citizen to defend his or her life, dignity, home and family with the most effective commonly available arms, ...not just what you, or someone else with no real knowledge or experience or genuine objective study, thinks they "need."

Consider also that if your legislative actions deprive even one innocent person in Colorado of the means to defend their own life or the lives of their children, you personally will have had more of a role in the victimization of that innocent person than any law-abiding gun owner has had in the deaths in the Aurora theater or Sandy Hook School or any other mass shooting.

Kalashnikat said...

NO Magazine Bans, unless you really want the law abiding to be outgunned by the criminals. Home invasions here lately have involved three assailants, one or more with guns, and in those circumstances a five shot snubby revolver in the nightstand is not sufficient defense. NO on HB 1224
NO ban on private firearms sales…universal background checks by way of licensed dealers, by definition only harasses the law abiding…illegal sales by criminals to criminals will continue the same as ever. NO on HB 1229
NO Gun Tax on gun purchases …how would that be different from a poll tax? He poor need self defense to, and have the same rights as the rich. NO on HB 1228.
NO universal background checks/gun registration…Canada spent $2 Billion on a registry that did nothing to solve crimes, because the law abiding don’t use their guns for crime and the criminals don’t register….they are dismantling it now. That’s one of the few instances where registration hasn’t yet led to attempts to confiscate lawfully owned guns.
NO made-up "Mental health" database to deny gun rights…improve mental health care so that a person who is a danger to themselves or others can be taken off the street, properly assessed, and treated or housed, and let existing background check systems have the information when they are properly medically assessed.
NO Backdoor "Assault Weapon" bans…more people are killed each year with carpenter’s hammers than with rifles of all types combined, per FBI statistics. …and no, “if it saves one life” it’s still not worth it…on that basis you’d have to ban cars, airplanes, hammers, baseball bats, fists, feet, and all kitchen knives with a point…it’s NOT worth it to disarm the law-abiding when over a million time a year the simple showing of a weapon by a potential victim averts a violent crime, again, per FBI statistics and multiple other academic studies. NO on SB 196
NO ban on on-line CCW training…if someone is going to carry lawfully, why would you NOT want them to have as much training as possible, whenever it’s available? No on SB 195
Please vote with Colorado gun owners, not with the anti-gun lobbyists from New York.

Anonymous said...

“Second Amendment this, Second Amendment that. What if the Second Amendment were repealed? I’m talking about something that precedes the Second Amendment by eons. I’m talking about something that comes from God. I’m talking about preserving life. For Jews, that’s more than a right,” he said. “In the Bible, it’s an obligation.”

Read more: http://forward.com/articles/17...?p=all#ixzz2Mj1hGYLh

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Kalashnikat: well put, friend! God bless you for your words and efforts.

Kalashnikat said...

Michael, I don't disagree with you in the least, but in America the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence recognize that these rights come from God, not from Government or any man, and all our laws should trace back to God's laws if men are going to govern themselves, without a supposedly divine-right king or queen...

America's framework for reminding people of those God-Given rights (and obligations, which pertain more to the heart than the law)is the Bill of Rights...limiting what the Government can do to interfere with the God Given rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness...

nj larry said...

The NSSF just caved on the "universal background check". In other words National Registration. Every single movement of every single gun in America from now on will be tracked by the Federal gov't. Thank you NSSF. Just why I have zero respect for the gun industry. Why I NEVER VOTE FOR ANYONE IN THE GUN INDUSTRY TO BE ON THE NRA BOARD OF DIRECTORS. They are NOT the protectors of the rights of American citizens. These are the traitors in our midst. Never forget !


Gary said...

I find it interesting that all the gun control fanatics are now pointing to Colorado as the bellwhether for politicians, as far as whether it's safe or not to support gun ownership and gun restrictions.

The reality is it's extremely safe for some of the lawmakers there to oppose guns, as they are located in liberal, safe districts, where there will be no pay back for them.

That's the same in almost any state in the nation, which somewhere has a liberal bastion.

The reason behind promoting Colorado in this manner is because it is being positioned as a more moderate state, when the migration of people from California for a long time makes it in many ways an extension of that extreme state.

But if the lie that laws passed in Colorado could point to lawmakers being able to safely pass laws in many other states, it could become a self-fulfilling prophecy not based in reality, but on a media and liberal strategy.

Of course the problem is many people in Colorado seriously oppose gun control, and even if laws pass, there is no guarantee there won't be some major fallout as a result.

It's just that the gun control fanatics will attempt to spin it as a victory that other states can experience without the careers of politicians being affected.

All of this assumes Colorado laws will pass that are very restrictive towards guns and gun owners.

Anonymous said...

Michael, I e-mailed Gov. Hickenlooper and told him I'm canceling my vaction to Colorado. Because of the new gun laws. E-mailed Coors told them I will stop drink Coors and Miller beer. Because of Colorado's new gun laws. Looking for other ways to hit them in the wallets.