Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Driving Another Nail...

...in Colorado's coffin.

I was running around today doing a lot of stuff for the upcoming seasons, including refiguring budgets to include no more filming for the 4 shows in Colorado. The range stuff, for instance, will go to the Whittington Center in NM; more specific filming with go either to Rockcastle in KY or GUNSITE in AZ.

I was talking to a top movie prop house this morning about some machine guns we'll be needing for GUN STORIES, and he wanted to know all about Colorado's new laws. After hearing me, he asked whether he could convey my conclusions to a top Hollywood filmmaker who is putting together a big-budget film. That filmmaker was torn between New Mexico and Colorado. Bazinga, John Hickenlooper! Another few million gone baby gone. And every day in every way, it's going to get worse.

I'm looking forward to meetings at the NRA Convention in Houston. Oh, and I will be in Hollywood a bunch next month...


Anonymous said...

Michael, it's a terrible thing to take such delight in the destruction of your state - but then we can't say we didn't warn them.
I've been here 32 years, have come to see CO as a slice of heaven, and now can't NOT recommend it fast enough to friends & family seeking hunting and fishing trips.
The lack of respect shown the people of CO by the CO Democratic house & senate members is simply unfathomable - and I hope they choke on Bloomberg's money & Obama's promises. I can't help but feel we representing only the opening salvo in a long and deceitful war to retain rights which should NEVER even be questioned, much less threatened as they are now. And I fear the battle has only just begun.
That is why we must continue to fight in every way imaginable, on every front - and be wary of just whom our true friends are, for there is much at stake. This thing may yet lead us to the "rabbit hole" - and God be with us all if it should.


nj larry said...

It's America 2.0 guys. Don't pretend otherwise. I have come realize that this country slipped away quietly in the night. RIP

It ain't never going back to yesteryear.

@2ADefense said...

Bring your shows to gun-friendly Kentucky and you'll be welcomed with open arms. You should go ahead and relocate the secret hidden bunker here too!

Anonymous said...

They must be stopped in the next elections.

Anonymous said...

No more Spyderco knives for me. I wrote a letter to the Governor of Colorado explaining that if he were to sign one law against firearms I would not spend one cent in the State of Colorado. Sorry Spyderco.

Spyderco Inc.
820 Spyderco Way
Golden, CO 80403-8053

Moosejaw said...

Michael, NM is another beautiful state but CO is surrounded by RED states. So why pick another BLUE state that voted for the Regime.

Utah OK Az Tx. And more. Take yer pick


Jerry from upstate said...

Please tell your Hollywood friends to boycott New York while your at it

Anonymous said...

Moosejaw is right. Why even consider NM? At what point does Michael do what he has suggested to others over the years on your podcasts, find another secret hidden bunker in a state headed in the right direction? From the outside looking in it would seem easier for you to do than many who have traditional jobs? My apology if you have expressed why or why not.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind MB is constrained when picking production locations to using existing range and studio locations.


Anonymous said...

I'm from Colorado, I'm pro-gun, I wrote my state reps about this issue multiple times. Very pissed about the way this went down. But so many gun bloggers sound like spoiled children who didn't get their way and have decided to take there catchers mitt and go home. Besides, it sounds like the mag-limit is going to be functionally unenforceable, just like our "pot laws". So take a big breath, buy some more regular capacity magazines, and lets see what happens. And remember, Colorado is still the most kick-ass state in the union....

Publicola said...

Taking your ball & going home is a perfectly valid option when you get tired of the other side cheating. Passing laws that contradict the constitution, & contravene our Rights, is cheating.

The mag limit will be uneforcable in court for the most part, but court comes after you're arrested & after your arms are confiscated as part of said arrest. & a lot of cop shops drag their feet until you lawyer up when it comes to returning firearms. So a few hours to a few days in jail, plus paying a lawyer to get your guns back after charges are dismissed, is a serious enough concern to make folks want to leave.

Ditto with the universal background check bill, only it's got de facto registration at its core. Even if you beat the charge you don't beat the arrest & forfeiture or legal fees to get everything back.

Most deputies won't even try to enforce it, some if not most city cops will, especially if they want to find something on ya & that's the only thing.

So as kick ass as Colorado may be, it's a lot of hassle for a gun owner if he/she is caught by the wrong cop. & it's better to spend money in states where they're not trying to outlaw your culture.

If having our Rights imposed upon in an effort to diminish our culture is not a reason to, as you put it, act like spoiled children who didn't get their way, then what is?

It's not over yet, and there's still a chance to stop these bills (albeit a slim one), but if they pass I'll encourage everyone I know to move to a free state, & for non-Coloradans to spend their vacation/hunting/business dollars elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Given the spoiled children analogy, residents from NY and NJ should just continue to bend over and say "thank you sir may I have another" There comes a time when lip service doesn't cut it anymore. That goes for the manufacturers who operate in these states and those who live there and talk a big game. In what category is Colorado kick ass besides natural GOD GIVEN beauty?

Anonymous said...

I remember using the fable of the scorpion and the frog as an analogy for democrats, back on THR a long time ago. I was shot down because "b-b-but Bush!". The problem is not squishy republicans, it's democrats. Period. I left CA because of the rights destroying DNA that democrats are born with, and I'll be leaving CO in the next couple of years for the same reason. I will fight the only way that really works - with my tax dollars and my work skills. You can "stay and fight" all you want, but unless you get NON democrat politician's in you will lose. Without freedom, Colorado goes from "kick ass" to "meh" pretty dang quickly.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Keep in mind that this is just the FIRST Wave in Gun Control! Remember, the Anti-Gunners can add up Votes also, and a One-Vote Margin in the State Senate is way too close. So THEY will be doing their best to gain even more Seats and Power, until they have Cloned another New York, Kalifornia, Massachusetts, Connecticut, etc. And don't forget that Nancy Pelosi wants her old Job back! So you also have to get rid of those Anti-Gun Democrats in the House, and any Senate Races down the road also.

So adopting a "Wait and See" attitude might just lead you down the Road to waiting in line to turn in your Guns.

Remember, in spite of their Platitudes, Anti-Gunners HATE YOU! And they WILL do anything they can to Eliminate YOU from the Body Politic!

Good Lord, they have No Problem telling Women it's Okay to be Raped! What do you think their Attitude towards YOU is!?

Anonymous said...

Cities have fallen, states have fallen, and now the center of the Old West, Colorado, has been soundly defeated. It will only continue to get worse. 2014 will change nothing in CO because the traditional population as a percentage of the total is being ethnically cleansed. Look to the south for Colorado's future. Yet, Mr. Bane, your only solution, over and over again, is to vote R and to suggest funneling money to the R's through the NRA. I try to discuss The larger reason for loss of freedom here and you will not allow it. Considering the dominance of this country's media (your industry) by one ethnic group, Ashkenazi Jew, I can see the fear in your eyes whenever someone even mentions the word zionism. Like a sock puppet you immediately delete the post out of fear that you will get Rick Sanchezed. By rejecting criticism of the group that has launched a direct assault on America, you are supporting the enemy. Feinstein, Boxer, Bloomberg, Schumer. Fine individuals you are protecting and no doubt your employers have names with a similar ring. Certainly someone in your position could broaden the discussion a bit beyond the same two tired solutions (NRA & R) - if you do in fact believe in Jeffersons inalienable rights. Which I see no evidence. This will be my last post for you to delete. You deserve the new Colorado.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results - Albert Einstein

Anonymous said...

Any plans for CO local hunters to boycott the fall hunting seasons? I am thinking about it...

Anonymous said...

It's time to take this country back. If we don't do it in the ballot box in 2014 it may well come to the other extreme down the road. The haves will finally get fed up with the elitist liberals distributing their earnings to the have not’s. In the meantime we need to use our dollars to sway the public opinion our way. Yes, NM is a democratic state, but we do show signs of sensibility. We have a Republican Governor that carries concealed and wants to do away with benefits for illegals. Unfortunately our population base includes a large poor minority base that may well be the majority when it comes to election time. If every one of us recruits a pro-gun, conservative vote for the next round of elections (someone on the fence or a blue-dog type) we can take over again and pull this country out of its downward spiral. Other than the perquisite trips to Colorado Springs to visit Daughter and SIL, and I’ll be campaigning for other locations, I’ve spent my last dime in Colorado and with Colorado based businesses (sole exception being Trinidad State Junior College and their NRA Summer courses).
One needs to but look at what the stock market has done since mandatory sequestration went into effect. We need to get our house in order and the ballot box is the first step. And yes I am one of those overpaid and underworked (bullshit) government employees about to face a 20% + loss of income. None of this needed to come to pass, nor did we need to let it get this far. Sign up more NRA members, get more people to see the “light” and donate a few dollars to help those fighting for our rights. I know I have had to take another look at my contributions, both financial and personal, and realize I could and therefore will do more.

Clovis, NM via Idaho, Louisiana, Maine and Texas.

3rdman said...

Anon 10:33

What is next you going to add Catholics too since Joe Biden is one. Just because someone shares a religion does not mean they share the same political belief. Somehow you blame the Jew just like the Nazis did and then you have the nuts to quote a Jew. I would stand by a like minded Jew but would not even piss on you if you where on fire.

Anonymous said...

I must site the reason the Co. gov reps ignore you. Pure ignorance about how government functions and no will to learn. Myself and a handfull of others have gotten laws passed to improve life for all against a more powerful foe, the oil and col companies. I met armchair letter writers and whiners like you. Our thanks for doing so.. called political radlcals, commies, and much worse. Your ignorance and cowardly lack of education, participation is all horrible tragedy that has been going on for along time. Instead of trying to order representatives to do your selfish biddig and do NOTHING CONSTRUCTIVE, I and a few Work for improvement WITH GOVERNMENT CITY,COUNTY,STATE wITHOUT YOU WHINERS and no tv coverage. Yes, all of you do nothing. A law must be formed and put on a city,county,state ballot. Get educated First at your library then get a few to join US the very few that act effectively...Please. I also work for you in the media industry worldwide for all freedom with conservation orgs. You are not effective in IGNORANT tongue wagging complaints and are part of the END of freedom and common responsibility for government misuses.

Anonymous said...

so now here come the "flames" my way for my direct words an actions..and any misspellings.. instead of you getting educated and active in your communities. Typical.. and illustrates the American Tragedy of a nation of uneducated, un-involved, whiners along just for a free ride to a poorer nation of self righteous fools. Please..some of you freedom lovers.. earn your way in government. YES..BOYCOTT IS VERY POWERFUL for positive change. GET EDUCATED then act together as one for constructive improvement in government. Effective LOBBY works in many forms but need citizen committees CITY-COUNTY-STATE to make such go your way. Easier than you could ever imagine with as little as 168 people STATEWIDE.

Anonymous said...

To any "anonymous" writers, may I suggest at least signing with a "handle"? That way, we can keep the various comments sorted out. Replying will be better directed as well.

Let's all join-up! Let's NOT divide and separate.

Life Member

Anonymous said...

Let me just point out here that the voters and communities of Colorado were hugely active in their response to these proposed laws, and ALL OF THEM were ignored by the democrats in charge. There was a massive citizenry response. It didn't work.


Anonymous said...

"K", don't give up. Send info' to other media outlets. I know that it is laborious and difficult, but keep doing it. There are signs that we are getting some attention. The economy i9s an example. Suddenly, even the "MSM" is asking critical questions of the current administration, and catching their lies. Don't give up.

Life Member

Anonymous said...

Life Member, you are deluding yourself. Leftists have gotten a tipping point majority here and have destroyed the place. Michael talks about "delivering the mail" in 2014. It's not going to happen. The radical leftists were put into power by blase leftists who simply do not care what their party does, as long as it's in power.

It is irreversible. See CA,IL and every other state that has gotten a democrat controlled government. The rot cannot be stopped. I heard these arguments against leaving CA, which how has paramilitary squads going to peoples houses to confiscate their guns. Do you believe CA can be "turned around"? Of course not. The same fate is in store for Colorado - the Denver metro area will now dictate to the rest of the state what rights it will permit them to have.

I've started my planning, within 2 years I will be gone from here taking my taxes and my skills with me.

Anonymous said...

whoops, forgot to sign it. That was me, "K" responding above.

Anonymous said...

Thanks "K", for your opinion. I still say "never give up". That's what the opposition wants us to do and that's what we, conservatives typically do. But don't!

We need to be relentless. To believe that there is no hope is what is delusional. But, I do not offer that as a "tit-for-tat" response. I offer that as encouragement to press on. Michael Bane serves as an example to follow there. What if he gave up?

Society has gone back and forth over the ages, between opposing social and political beliefs and policies. It only swings back, because it was pushed by someones efforts. Liberals get up every day and decide what they are going to do to defeat those that they hate, us, and then they follow with a relentless attack. We need to use the same approach. The only difference is that we need to not just defend our own position, we also need to show others how the liberal's approach negatively affects them on an individual basis. In other words, we need to also go on the offensive. Explaining the "collective" position is not enough. The "collective" is what liberals focus on. You've heard them say "but it's for the good of society". When we show people how they will be negatively affected on an individual basis, they often move to our line of thought. When you do that, people actually listen. We suddenly have evidence that this tactic actually works. Obama tried to alarm everyone with his threats regarding "sequestration". He even tried to show individuals how it would hurt them, but there was also evidence that it wouldn't be such a big deal. He was able to scare most people, but common sense prevailed and most people could see that it minimally affected them, so they didn't react adversely. Obama's popularity dropped about 10 points after that and even the MSM was critical of him. So, we need to show how liberal gun laws are adverse to the "common good" and how they adversely affect individuals, especially women.
But, enough of that part of it for now.

I simply ask, what did the folks in California and Colorado expect, when they elected Democrats? How about America and the president? What did Libertarians and Republicans expect when they let it happen? This is what you get when you are a defeatist and stay home on voting day because the candidate isn't "pure enough". This is what you get when you don't prepare for the next battle. The solution here is to clean house and elect congressmen, senators, governors and presidents that support the Constitution and Bill of Rights. So, we need to focus on the 2014 and 2016 elections and stop crying in our beer. We did it in 2010.

Some of you may elect to cede defeat. I will not ever stop standing-up for my rights. Only as a last resort, will I flee. My people had to do that once when the soviets took over. But there too, they were allowed to take over!

Life Member

Anonymous said...

To the fellow above who said the ban would be "unenforceable" and to "see what happens", EPC sherriff who was completely against the bill says he will enforce it. This is a guy who is on our side. http://bit.ly/WMOeud

Your attitude will put you in jail.