Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Last Dance!


Anonymous said...

Done, again, along with several other avenues of contact. Not that I expect it to do any good, I fear he drank the koolaid given him by Bloomburg and BHO.

You gonna be at Pawnee Station Saturday?

- Grizz

Anonymous said...

Same here Michael. Done & done again.
All we can do is wait, hope for the best - and heed your advice on gun trusts and lock boxes.

I'm affraid Grizz is right, however. Hick has drunk deep from Bloomberg and Obama's well.

CO, we hardly knew ye


Anonymous said...

Sent one from Nebraska. Probably will be thrown into a circular file, but sent nonetheless.
Might affect the Raid this year and more than likely Pawnee in July....
Tough to travel to places that don't want out of state business.

Unknown said...

Just sent a few from Knoxville, TN

Dillis Freeman said...

Another from Knoxville.

John Richardson said...

I just sent one and emphasized the economic impact of signing HB 1224. IF he listens, I'll be impressed but I doubt I'll be impressed.

Anonymous said...

Good to see a few people getting their panties in a bunch. Even others realizing the issue is much larger than D vs. R because both D and R are mostly owned by the forces pushing for these laws. There is evil behind these laws. An evil that is global in scale, totalitarian in nature and extremely well financed. Here in N. Idaho many speak about it openly but in many parts of this country the topic is considered unacceptable, or even conspiratorial. I am hopeful that many will begin to see what is happening before it is too late.

Jose Wales

Anonymous said...

Sent another from Tucson, Az.

Good luck to Colorado.

Rob Drummond said...

As Nancy Sinatra said back in the 60's: "These boots are made for walking & that just what I'll do, one of these day these boots are going to walk all over you"

Time to walk out of CO (unfortunately!) or on election day walk all over the the Gov. & dems!
Rob Drummond
Hillsboro, NH

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the viewpoint. We all need to keep presenting the facts. The more that we expose, the more people will listen. Many will listen if not only out of curiosity, but the will listen. Keep describing what is going on.

Life Member

Mike said...

Sent from Farmington NM. I won't spend another dime in Colorado (And I do a lot of traveling to Durango/Silverton/Montrose in the summer.) as long as this legislation is in place. I'll bring fuel from NM up on our jeep runs and gladly use the scenery but no $$$ will be spent....

nj larry said...

People of Colorado. Be aware that this isn't about words on paper. That you, your neighbors, family will be going to jail.

Learn the lesson from the commie East Coast. Even though the NY SAFE law was passed only weeks ago, and is being challenged in court the arrests have started.

Unknown said...

Sent from Florida... I was considering purchasing investment property in CO. If this becomes law, I will look elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Folks, if every single American gun owner doesn't vote Republican next election cycle, we will lose our gun rights. Forever. Count on it.

Anonymous said...

Good link to Gov. Hickenlooper below, I just used it to send and specified the mag bill as well as the transfer/registration bill and the "poll tax" on gun purchases:

"Governor, I strongly urge you to look closely at these bills and veto them.
These bills were all:
• Ill-conceived by individuals outside of Colorado with no appreciation of the impact on this state,
• drafted by people with an agenda hostile to the civil rights of lawful gun owners, and without sufficient knowledge of the subject matter and its terminology,
• hastily and poorly written,
• hustled through committees without proper consideration or reasonable debate or amendment,
• geared to controlling, harassing and punishing the law-abiding on the poor excuse that a few disturbed individuals have committed heinous acts,
• clearly ineffective at stopping any real criminal activity or preventing violence,
• poorly worded to the point that the unintended consequences will be to create a new class of felon out of law-abiding gun owners
• conducive to lengthy and costly litigation at taxpayer expense
• will immediately cost Colorado jobs in tourism, hunting and sport shooting related industries as well as manufacturing and supporting industries."


Feel free to plagiarize the above wording, no rights reserved…except my God given Civil Rights to Life, Liberty and the Purfuit of Happineff.


Rastus said...

He is waiting on Monday to announce so that the anti-gunners can gloat and use the faux news networks to advance their cause an entire week.

nj larry said...

If our side had any sense they would have a press conference planned for immediately after the Gov signs these bills. Microphone setup outside his mansion or wherever the Gov does these things. Then lay out clearly and concisely what will now happen - magpul CEO announces pullout, MB announces location move, others layout boycott of hunting, fishing business, Midway calls the buff and LE gets no sales etc.

But that would be only too thoughtful. We need an Al Sharpton on our side to do a proper protest.

Anonymous said...

Went down this route with marijuana. A few people screamed about it, so the lawmakers, never wanting to pass up a politically expedient topic, whipped up support for bad laws, by telling half truths and outright lies. The people of Colorado are trying to reverse that ill conceived mess. Now it is guns. Never too much government intervention as far as politicians are concerned. More lies being told to a public that needs to make up it's own mind, and not be herded like sheep. Maybe these laws can be untangled by a future amendment too. I hope so. In the meantime I will hide my guns and ammo.

Anonymous said...

Psychopaths, not guns, commit atrocities. I am talking about those school shootings, the first ones, the ones at Kent State, and Jackson State. We need our guns to protect ourselves from psychopaths, because obviously, they have no sense of mercy or decency.