Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sorry...Hectic Day...

Yesterday I had to spend a lot of time in the studio with the voice-over for the last episode of SHOOTING GALLERY Season 13 as well as Wednesday's podcast. Then there was the snow in the driveway, which, no matter how I used my secret ninja mind powers refused to levitate and blow itself away. I've got to do some gunwork today.

Here's a good summary of the Colorado situation, especially the situation with Governor John Hickenlooper, by my friend Publicola:
"If he signs these bills, I have to come to the conclusion that he's more interested in his national prospects than he is his legacy here in Colorado,' said Republican Sen. Greg Brophy, who represents a rural part of the state's eastern plains. 'These are not moderate. These are extreme, and just really unpopular." 
How unpopular? His staff has been fielding over 1,000 phone calls a day since last week sometime. 1 call every 18 seconds is what was claimed for Monday. Hell, a fellow I know was complaining about having to call 3 times before getting through last Wednesday. With his stating that he'd sign those bills I'm pretty confident few of those calls were trying to congratulate or encourage him.
Amen to that. An interesting situation is developing...The New York SAFE antigun laws are imploding, and that state's sleaze-bag  governor, Andrew Cuomo, is trying desperately to avoid the fallout. Today, Cuomo's shills (as reported in The Truth About Guns) are saying that, heck, the Governor never even read the bills, which were drafted by (surprise!) Michael Bloomberg and the Brady Center...I guess Jim Carrey was too busy trying to single-handledly bring back child-killing diseases to help Cuomo write the bill!
Before the massive backlash against the bill began, Cuomo was trying to use the SAFE Act to bolster his Democratic credentials. It looked like he was trying to position himself to be a frontrunner for the 2016 nomination, building himself up as the new Democratic poster boy. But instead of the public rallying to his side, his popularity numbers have taken a nosedive and the largest protests ever recorded in Albany formed against his prized legislation. 
Seeing the writing on the wall, it’s now apparently time to distance himself from this steaming pile.
Governor John Hickenlooper, who billed himself as a moderate, rammed this "stinking pile" down the throat of Coloradans. As in New York, the Colorado bills were all drafted by the Bloomberg organization, backed by full-time Bloomberg lobbyists in Colorado, and supported by flown-in Bloomberg experts. Part of the spin crafted by the Bloomberg lobbyists was that numbers don't count, that the hundreds of thousands of Colorado residents opposing these laws didn't amount to, as my old friend Charlie Daniels once noted on a different issue, a nickel's worth of warm piss.

Hickenlooper even said as much, as did every lock-step Democrat.

Wolverines Redux!

So what do you think now, Hick? You're out there all by yourself...the governor who screwed his state. You can smile and "aw shucks" all you want, but you drank the Kool-Aid, brother, because you wanted that B-Ho appointment, you wanted to be a big man like your hero Andrew Cuomo. The national "movement" for gun control is starting to fizzle out. Your signing statement is trying to walk back your support of these laws. The Colorado Sheriffs, whom you refused to talk to, are suing your lame butt and the majority of people in Colorado can't say your name without spitting.

All by yourself, buddy...looking forward to 2014!


Anonymous said...

It is called RECALL TIME brother. First stop, check out this website, then start to organize for collection of signatures. Remember those Iraqi folks with the purple fingers? Our most powerful weapon is the vote ! And it doesn't have to wait until 2014.


Anonymous said...

So Mr. Bane, how much piss is a nickels worth anyway?

Thank you, sir, for being on the front lines and taking the hits for free and liberty minded people in this country. I intend to make pols pay dearly for infringing on my and my family's natural rights of self defense; I am certainly glad you feel the same. There are throngs behind you ready to fight to the end. Make them pay indeed.

Anonymous said...

Wolverines! Love the picture!

"gunner" said...

i suspect that both mssrs. chickeplucker and coumo are learnig that once they're no longer useful all that big city support, and promises have faded away in the night and fog, and they're left twisting in the wind. no worries gentlemen, the tar and feathers and fence rail will be arriving soon, along with the torches and pitchforks.

Anonymous said...

Nice MB. You hit the AP in a Colorado story this morning...


DamDoc said...

This could be interesting to watch!

recalls sprouting in CO.. ditch the hick


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your passing into anonymity. Your boycott is pathetic and, speaking as a hunter, the attitude you have towards very reasonable gun legislation shows your recklessness. We will no longer be watching your shows.

James said...

@anonymous 9:56

Is that you, Hickenlooper?

Kalashnikat said...

Hey, anonymous...if you really were a hunter you'd understand that the next time round they'll be coming for scoped hi-powered hunting rifles, calling them "sniper weapons", not just calling AR's and AK's "assault weapons."

But you need to turn off the videogames and get out of your mom's basement once in a while...I doubt you've ever held a real gun let alone hunted real animals...videogames don't count, dude.


Anonymous said...

To "Anonymous @9:56 AM";

Why don't you set an example of your support for these bills. Turn your guns in to your local law enforcement department, then down-load one of the many "We are unarmed" signs that are available on the internet, make copies and plaster them in all of your windows. Then, you can come back and tell us all how well that works out.

We'll be on stand-by.

Life Member

Anonymous said...

As a Colorado resident, I totally agree with these remarks: "Why don't you set an example of your support for these bills, etc." & "Looking forward to your passing into anonymity, etc." And the name-calling ("chickeplucker")is frankly what I'd expect from people who think their right to own a gun without a background check trump my right to "LIFE, liberty, and the pursuiy of happainess".

Rob Drummond said...

Hey Anonymous,
Why don't you sign your name and stand by what you say.......I always do.
Rob Drummond
Hillsboro, NH

Anonymous said...

To "Anonymous @ 3:02 PM (Reference @ 9:56 AM),

I am not calling you names, nor am I insulting you. I just asked you why you don't show your support for these bills by disarming yourself and advertising that fact. So, why don't you?

You seem to have rationalized that by me giving up my rights , somehow you are safer. You are wrong. The mere fact that we have the Second Amendment and the "shall not be infringed" clause ensures that we all have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Since you don't mention the more popular instruments of murder, knives and blunt instruments, do you actually believe that infringing on my rights associated with guns will somehow make you safe? "Killers" will always kill. They will always find ways to over-power the vulnerable. They will often choose to hurt those that we love the most; our children.

The three worst mass-murder cases in America's history were all carried out without the use of guns. The two worst cases were carried out using things that you can buy at Walmart. In all cases, the victims were vulnerable AND defenseless. The victims were our loved ones. The method chosen produced the most horrific results. Do you remember which incidents those were?

I'd recommend that you re-think your position. In the end, we are all responsible to correct the problem. Doing so just might include confronting and containing the threat. To do that, you just may need the type of gun that you are recommending that we ban, or restrict.


Life Member

jerry from upstate new york said...

It's really time to wake up and to get the entire gun population organized! Shotgun Joe's comment in the paper yesterday to an anti-gun group(does he ever talk to anyone else?) said "this is just the begining" in reference to the guns and mag ban!

Anonymous said...

From Colorado resident: Why do only select words of the Second Amendment always quoted? Only the last 14 words and not ALL of the words? The entire amendment states, "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Why don't I sign my name? Because I don't own a gun and am afraid of some gun owner--especially after the recent assassination of the head of the Colorado Dept. of Corrections.

jerry from upstate new york said...

hay dude if they pass this new background check I don't think you can own a gun because YOU ARE

Anonymous said...

Colorado Resident: So, Jerry, from which accredited university did you get your degree in psychology?? Paranoid? Live in Colorado: Columbine, Aurora, Monument and then tell me about paranoia. As usual: name calling.

Wilhelm said...

To Anonymous @11:31
I lived a few miles from columbine high school during the shooting, I knew the people from New Life church that were there and witnessed the shooting. I can walk to the Aurora theater. I call you paranoid hoplophobe. I encourage the boycott to show the state legislators what it means to not listen to their constituents.

Charlie Foxtrot said...

Git 'im, Michael! Make 'im pay for his duplicity!

We're going to have our hands full here in Kalifornia with the same type of idiocy - and more and better idiots. We really appreciate your example!

Anonymous said...

Colorado Resident,

In the end, it is the one with the gun that you will hide behind; provided that the one with the gun gets there in time.

Life Member

Mike Florey said...

Hello Mike,
I'm a resident of Colorado and wanted to shoot a documentary of a local icon (the Christ statue at Santa Maria). Not any more. I won't put one penny in the state coffers while the legislators step on my 2nd amendment rights. Damn shame. Would have made a fine doc.